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  1. outkast9984

    niketalk yahoo bracket

    Its that time of the year. Created a yahoo bracket for niketalk. League name is Niketalk so feel free to join.
  2. outkast9984

    Price Check: youth blk cement 3

    My girl wanted some blk cement 3's...i have never bought youth size in the resell game...just wanted to know how much i should look to pay for..she either 6 or 6.5...any help would be appreciated.
  3. outkast9984

    price check; pigs fly SB

    Buddy of mine wants to give me Pigs fly SB's for some lebron 10... i was thinking of actually buying a pair...wanted to know the price on them...they arent the concept ones either what im looking for i know those go for more...
  4. outkast9984

    concord 11 legit check

    These look funny to me but could be just me..
  5. outkast9984

    anyone order from crooked tongues before?

    has anyone ordered anything from them before and if so how long did it take to receive the packages? wanted to make sure i dont get ripped off
  6. outkast9984

    fair trade?

    someone is willing to take the CDP 11s for a pair of two times worn kd weathermans......
  7. outkast9984

    Let the Madness begin....Yahoo NCAA Bracket

    We are less than a week away from selection sunday, so i figured id create the group now and hopefully get a lot of heads in this pool. We did it last year so lets keep it going again. league name is Niketalk, password is niketalk, and league id is 26991
  8. outkast9984

    price check: nike stussy sb

    how much is a fair deal for some stussy sbs that have slight heel drag but are in good shape with og everything?
  9. outkast9984

    LC: kobe v aces

    just wanted to see if these were good. sorry for the huge pics
  10. outkast9984

    Yahoo Bracket Challenge....March Madness officially started!

    I know its early  but i figured i start one now so we get more people in the would be cool too see the regulars from the college ball thread join along with everyone else who wants to... league id is.... 11997 and password is niketalk
  11. outkast9984

    Would you get a tattoo of your team if you were a DIE HARD fan?

    I was debating if it would be a good idea to get tatted of a Duke logo on my calf....i wanna do it but people think ill regret it...ill prolly do it anyway, but anyone think its lame or if you have one care to share what it looks like?
  12. outkast9984

    legit check for big stage kobe V

    are these real?
  13. outkast9984

    nike taking over NFL

    I believe Nike will have the new licensing with the NFL... This is good news... i work at a sports spot and reebok sucks on shipping with their bookings while nike is great...with nike if you order one tee you will get sure some of you guys will be happy with this news too
  14. outkast9984

    going to a padres game

    im going to a padres game for the first time in a few weeks...just wondering how is the sstuff at the team shop? expensive? also whats good to eat from los angeles so obviously dodgers have the dodger dogs just curious what someone can recommend over there thanx
  15. outkast9984

    fire red 3s

    not sure if this belongs here but just wondering how much should i expect to add if i wanted to trade these for the dark knight kobes or the bruce lees?
  16. outkast9984

    insider request: Sweet 16 simulation

    just wanted to know how they simulated the rest of the bracket...supposedly this thing is in the 85th percentile accurate....i think it pinned duke and kansas st in th finals but just curious to see what they picked....thanks in advance
  17. outkast9984

    Insider Request: sweet 16 preditor

    just wanted to see if anyone had the insider for espn sweet 16 predictor simulation thing...thanks in advance
  18. outkast9984

    Phillies trying to propose howard for pujols?

    just saw that on espn...anyone here in philly hear about this? whats that all about?
  19. outkast9984

    Cudi question

    ive been hearing an upbeat song on the radio and its new and i think its kid cudi but not he coming out with another cd? and if its him whats the single?
  20. outkast9984

    Westbrook released

    he was great for us....sad to see him go...we need a rb now cause mccoy cant carry the load
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