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  1. toast1985


    My bad totally missed this. Definitely watched both seasons. About to go back and watch it again lol
  2. toast1985

    ~| the DOM. KENNEDY thread |~

    He's rapping again, it's a start.
  3. toast1985

    ~| the DOM. KENNEDY thread |~

    Hitboy definitely make Dom step it up. He's floatin on this.
  4. toast1985

    NT, put me on Fly Union!

    Jerreau deserves more credit. Brother has found a very smooth pocket. But the landscape of the game is just so different now.
  5. toast1985

    OFFICIAL NBA 2K20 Thread || Available Now

    Myteam...this game is maddening. Idk why I return everyday . My team is a 93 overall, with 0 Galaxy Opals, and I got three consecutive games against all GO squads.
  6. toast1985

    Black guy hair cuts

    I have a theory that brother's will go without sharp line-ups soon. Kinda like the 70's, early 80's
  7. toast1985

    OFFICIAL 2018 MIAMI HEAT PLAYOFFS THREAD::: #TheCulture Vs #TheProcess

    Bump...Predictions, understanding who the team is now?
  8. toast1985

    ***Dave East Official Thread: "Karma 3 Out Now I Guess***

    Album is very decent. Agree with comment above, could’ve left off 6-8 cuts, easily.
  9. toast1985

    36.9% of Black men are considered obese in the US.

    I feel like this title was a backhanded way to call out Black Women.
  10. toast1985


    “It’s a good day I’m sippin tea and I’m reading.” :hat
  11. toast1985

    Black Google Engineer "Google hires the whitest black candidates"

    This is a real paradox that exist within our culture. Without a doubt, I think it's insulting, small-minded, and overall reductive thinking to consider someone "acting white"...Which as undermines our ability to be articulate, expressive and explore our God-given identity. But at the same time...
  12. toast1985

    Mass Shooting Thread: Waiting on the next one.

    Probably one of the most important threads on here.
  13. toast1985

    Is Niketalk semi dead now? It's been a minute since I've been on here.

    Can't front. I've been on NT a little bit more lately. Trying to keep it up
  14. toast1985

    The Combat Jack Show Thread

    Hate that I ever have to comment on this woman... ...But Nicki had a great platform to course-correct a lot of the narrative that exist about her, as being an immature, egotistical, psycho. She only reinforced the perception that people like myself (who never care to listen to her music or...
  15. toast1985

    Why is Popeyes so slow

    Figured I’d drop my son home. It was late as is.
  16. toast1985

    Why is Popeyes so slow

    I pulled up to my local Popeyes last Friday. Was told it was a 15-20 min wait. Decided to drive home and come back 10 mins later...only to be td there was a 30-45 min wait. I’m not eating that poor ^*%# anymore.
  17. toast1985

    ~| the DOM. KENNEDY thread |~

    Felt like he ruined “Somewhere in the South” towards the end. Sounds like he’s trying to experiment with the off beat flow.
  18. toast1985

    ~| the DOM. KENNEDY thread |~

    Tape is meh. But at least Dom spitting again.
  19. toast1985

    The Combat Jack Show Thread

    But he’s alluded to this before. Had the same stance
  20. toast1985

    The Combat Jack Show Thread

    Not sure how people don’t understand how cyber bullying work. It’s not a matter of person A in Ohio bullying random person person B in Georgia on Twitter/FB. Than it is, person A sharing candidate photos of person B in a group chat...and they go to the same high school.
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