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  1. thytkerjobs

    Spanish Henz0 o_O

    I can't be the only one who sees it....right?
  2. thytkerjobs

    Who are my neighbors?

    NT fam. What is this? They painted this outside their front door. Halp.
  3. thytkerjobs

    Happy Birthday DIEGO!

    I beat Club to making the thread Hope it's a good one, bro.
  4. thytkerjobs

    NT Lawyers, come hither

    So. I been at my job for 2 years now. I work in an independent living facility for senior citizens. About 4 months ago, 4 employees just up and quit, leaving only 2 of us, because they were fed up with the management company that manages our property. The management company hired 4 new people...
  5. thytkerjobs

    It's My Favorite Niketalker's BIRTHDAY!

    Happy 17th birthday FreshProduct, ProduccionFrescos, Patrick Bateman, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 1 more year and you're legal! Buy me a lotto ticket next year
  6. thytkerjobs

    photoshop experts come hither

    just wondering if somebody can verbalize how to get this reddish effect: i tried the gradient tool but i don't want to make the girl in the pic too red, and when i select everything but her it looks weird. is there another way? help pics for your time
  7. thytkerjobs

    Would you Tip?

  8. thytkerjobs

    Whats your favorite thing you own?

    Chowder Jeezy
  9. thytkerjobs

    Body Art Appreciation

    mods-i only posted ones i didnt find inappropriate, but if you disagree i apologize...lock and delete
  10. thytkerjobs

    Dilemma..vol. Adoption

    Ok NT I have a dilemma. My parents are seriously considering adopting a child from Haiti. I think it's awesome and I know they could change a child's life and I love them forbeing the selfless, giving people that they are. My initial reaction was YES, OF COURSE! But now I'm sitting here...
  11. thytkerjobs


    -i hate yuku magician - the end pics:
  12. thytkerjobs

    Good workout music

    wrong forum
  13. thytkerjobs

    What do you guys like to do after :hatting ?

  14. thytkerjobs

    NT photoshop experts can u help pleaseee

    @apples28 stuck her hand in the pic -_- idk if it's possible, but if it is, can someone PLEASE remove her hand from the pic?? i have no PS skills whatsoever. if its impossible just lock it up mods. thanks!! <3
  15. thytkerjobs

    **********APPLES28********** HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  16. thytkerjobs

    *Happy Birthday J Steezzz!!*

    I hope you have a great birthday/Christmas !! Hope you're holdin it down in Orlando, too. I'm nice and warm in Jamaica Christmas babies FTW Enjoy your day homie!
  17. thytkerjobs

    NT Do You Wear Shoes in Your House?

    nope every1 knows better.
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