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  1. kobe8knaipp

    Interesting but potentially touchy subject....

    So this is a topic that is extremely touchy to discuss. However please, I swear this is not meant to be disrepectful or racist by anymeans and purely theoretical. A couple of my friends and I marveled at how dominant and how well African Americans succeed in sports and how african americans...
  2. kobe8knaipp

    -- NT please put me on reggae -- Vol. Summer Jams

    Other than Bob Marley, Damien Marley & Matisyahu i have no clue about reggae or good reggae for that matter. Was hoping youd be able to help me get into some other artists ... Reggae just seems like great summer music.. any help would be great, thanks!
  3. kobe8knaipp

    am I the only one who thinks The Dream - Love Hate > Love vs. Money

    it seems to me that Love vs. Money album gets waayy more praise than Love Hate and I just don't see it... Love Hate imo is and dont get me wrong Love Vs. Money is good too butnot as good as Love Hate.
  4. kobe8knaipp


  5. kobe8knaipp

    lol any love for SWOLLEN MEMBERS out there.

  6. kobe8knaipp

    Is Chronic 2001 a Classic??

    Interested in hearing some opinions. Personally I love this album .Discuss.
  7. kobe8knaipp


    wrong forum sorry.
  8. kobe8knaipp

    kill, kill, kill, murda, murda, murda.. Heeyyyy!..

    �''oooh wat can you do when you can't trust your crew.. timeto bust out the .22 .. Boo Yao!''
  9. kobe8knaipp

    Help I.D. Cam'ron song that samples The Police ''Roxanne'' beat//

    Heard it tonight during credits of Entourage... please help that %#* was
  10. kobe8knaipp

    The Game Ft Nas - Letter to the King Appreciation.

    The instrumental and beat of this song gives methe chills, i listen to it regularly.... King was a true testament to change. '' a whole new world outside this bubble'' definately captureshis thought process. Though this song is a testament to Mr. Luther King, while listening to it I think of my...
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