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  1. airmaxin1

    HBO's Silicon Valley - First Episode Up on YouTube

    Jared is forever the homie :lol
  2. airmaxin1

    How long did you and shorty rock before getting engaged /married? Vol. whats wrong with these girls,

    Been together for 4 years. We're both 27 and agreed that aint **** poppin off til we're 30 since I'm working on a second degree, and she's working on her CFA and getting an analyst position. **** social media pressure...glad I have a girl that's equally ambitious and realistic.
  3. airmaxin1

    Just booked a flight to Portland, Oregon! Any tips?

    -Tasty n Sons for breakfast -Food trucks for lunch -Pok Pok for dinner ...Then hit that Casa Diablo lol
  4. airmaxin1

    Your Next Vacation Destination.....?

    LV in March London in May and probably making trips to Berlin and Copenhagen while I'm over there :smokin Definitely nice to have some trips to look forward to. Makes work a little more bearable.
  5. airmaxin1

    Anyone still here from the early '00s?

    shortyp0p where you at?
  6. airmaxin1

    2014 ESPYs Thread TONIGHT 9PM EST/6PM PST

    Bruh, me too. :( Stu is definitely dat dude :Nthat
  7. airmaxin1

    ::[OFFICIAL] FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 Thread:::

    Ahhh if Lahm could just come to Arsenal. Dat boi can play.
  8. airmaxin1

    amazon prime Air

    Dope concept, but I'm just wondering what's gonna happen when one of these little drones hits someone's head. Lawsuits for dayz.
  9. airmaxin1

    Need a barber in NorCal.

    'Preciate it, sir!
  10. airmaxin1

    Need a barber in NorCal.

    Cliff Notes: My barber's a flake and backed out on an appointment the day before I had to fly down to SF. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good barbershop out here? Preferably in the San Rafael area, but I'll be in the city this weekend so that will do too.
  11. airmaxin1

    Tax Question

    Pension plan at merill lynch terminated in 2006 and transfers it to a pension plan at Schwab which terminated in 2012. Client receives reimbursement of sale chares, expenses, interest, etc for the period of time between 2006 to 20012 when they transferred the account to Schwab and received a...
  12. airmaxin1

    Official FIFA Soccer 13 Thread: Out Now!

    QFT. Gala :hat
  13. airmaxin1

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Ferry Corsten's ASOT 600 set :x :hat
  14. airmaxin1

    EDC 2013!!! Tickets Sold Out! NT Lets invade!

    Bump. Nt meet up?
  15. airmaxin1

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Listening to it right now. This set is gg. Killedddd it!
  16. airmaxin1

    So, my homies decided to phone prank one of my homies. vol. I ain't your B.

    Yeah..we did it through I was listening to it while it was recording and was in tears lol "WHERE ARE YOU I'LL MEET UP WITH YOU RIGHT NOW" :rollin
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