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  1. sensaciondelbloque

    which rappers just need to stop and which rappers maybe have one more good run.

    Stop: Cassidy Too Short (off the top) One More Run, Maybe: Ja Rule (borderline)
  2. sensaciondelbloque

    Can someone put me on some MF DOOM?

    just heard it twice in one day...
  3. sensaciondelbloque

    Can someone put me on some MF DOOM?

    ^^^^^ thx in advance!
  4. sensaciondelbloque

    The NBA is a joke.

    agreed. teams like Milwaukee, Minnesota, Orlando, Indiana will never win anything..they are not as glamorous as Chicago, NY and etc. those teams will get a superstar for his first contract and then beg to be with big markets...all the NBA teams are farm league teams for Knicks, Nets, Lakers...
  5. sensaciondelbloque

    The thread about nothing

    dome game: fat chicks >>>>>>
  6. sensaciondelbloque


    Cruel Summer and Life Is Good will be going neck in neck in spins on my ipod.
  7. sensaciondelbloque


    surprised from the hate...this is must watch, its up my alley.
  8. sensaciondelbloque

    Official NBA Off-Season Thread. New 2012-2013 Thread Has Been Made. Please Post In There

    Ben Gordon/future pick to the Cats for Corey Maggette
  9. sensaciondelbloque

    nobody else checked Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter?

    I thought it was not bad. Abe actor looked just like Liam Neeson. Action was cool. 7.5/10
  10. sensaciondelbloque

    AIR JORDAN 12 RETRO - OBSIDIAN/WHITE/FRENCH BLUE/UNIVERSITY BLUE - 130690-410 - CONFIRMED 6/2012 mobile this morning...tried to checkout 4 times and ERROR every time..went to call them, was on hold for 30 minutes, then decide to go back to the mobile site and it went through..checked my bank account, 5 Pending transactions to Finishline I was like  called BofA and they said...
  11. sensaciondelbloque

    Young Money vs GOOD Music vs Roc Nation vs Taylor Gang x Maybach Music

    Terror Squad srsly 1. GOOD 2. MMG
  12. sensaciondelbloque

    So if Lebron wins tonight, what person in all of sports will be under the most pressure to win now?

    Mike Vick and The Philly Dream Team Romo and Cowgirls OKC is due for one in the next years..Miami's reign might be at one..while Superstars are constructing 'Super' teams ala Big 3.
  13. sensaciondelbloque

    Im Moving: From New York to Orlando

    they got a bus transit system called LYNX and Florida did approve of a cross state monorail system that connects Orlando to Tampa and Miami..cant wait for that  any more questions hit me up 
  14. sensaciondelbloque

    Im Moving: From New York to Orlando

    The Hood is Silver Star, Mercy, Pine Hills, Paramore, Americana, Texas, Oakridge, South OBT (West Orlando)...South Semoran and Kissimmee is Puerto Rico..Alafaya, Waterford Lakes is College side..I love it there, lived there for years and I have lots of family there too..I go 3 times a month. I...
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