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  1. damnthosejs

    Can someone recommend some good SPORTS RADIO TALK SHOWS?

    I never ever like Sports radio until boredom just pushed me to it. Hey, it's something to listen to @ work. Been listening to LeBatard/Stugotz (guys are hilarious w/ the guests) and Max/Marcellus. Just seeing if there's any more out there that's worth considering (I'm sure there is, so do...
  2. damnthosejs

    Does nike have warranty on SLIDES?

    Mine's already peeling on the sides and it won't last any longer. Just wondering if they do.
  3. damnthosejs

    did nike change the sizing of the PRESTOS?

    I'm looking at an auction right now and the seller claims its a size small for 9-10...then again, I bought one locally last Saturday (old lightning pair)which is a size small as well but I think it fits a 7-8 at the most. Is the seller wrong?I'm confused EDIT: I'm so dumb. For older Prestos...
  4. damnthosejs

    Google and Facebook is pursuing Twitter

    Google Inc. and Facebook Inc. have both held low-level talks with Twitter Inc. about purchasing the social networking service, according to a report published Thursday. The talks have valued Twitter at $8 billion to $10 billion, according to unnamed sources cited by The Wall Street...
  5. damnthosejs

    Has anyone done/gone through a chargeback through PAYPAL/CC co.?

    To my understanding, I have to contact my CC company (yes, I paid using my CC), CC company contacts PP, PP initiates the chargeback and then CC company recovers my funds? Also, how long does it take to get your funds back? Thanks.
  6. damnthosejs


    Cougar/Butterface = I don't mind *I love these sellers
  7. damnthosejs

    What TV series/show to watch now? vol. winter hibernation=saving $

    With TUF done and The Event coming back on Feb 2011 (seriously, df is that?), I don't know what to watch now. Is Boardwalk Empire any good? Or is it too much drama? I'm watching some old South Park episodes to keep me entertained Creme Fraiche give me your .02
  8. damnthosejs

    NINJAHOOD, are you ready to have a family?vol.zoom zoom

    ...maybe a family of 3,4 or even 5? If so, Dodge wants your business: " The R/T strikes again The 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan will be available in four configurations: the Dodge Grand Caravan Express, Grand Caravan Mainstreet, Grand Caravan Crew, and arriving in spring 2011, the ultimate...
  9. damnthosejs

    Diggin' in the crates: PAPERBOY - DITTY

    For some weird reason I just thought about this song   If I'm not mistaken I was 8 when this came out. My cousin played this song all the MFin time
  10. damnthosejs


  11. damnthosejs

    My Firefox hasn't been working for 2 days now. What's the problem?

     Never encountered this problem before. I've been trying to open it from the taskbar or the folder itself and it still won't open. I tried re-installing it and it gave me this error: I'm using Chrome right now and it's ok, but I can't stand it because it...
  12. damnthosejs

    BUFFALO/SYRACUSE NTers: reccomendation for an ELECTRONICS store

    I'm from Toronto and I'm planning to hit up either BUF/SYR to buy a TV. Of course, I know there's Bestbuy/Costco but are there any "mom and pop" or lesser known small chains I should hit up? Thanks.
  13. damnthosejs

    who watches AMERICAN GREED here? vol. wow

    If you haven't seen an episode and have about 45 mins to spare: I have seen episodes about Stock Market manipulation to selling fake art but this one takes the cake by far. short synopsis: Patients are at risk. A respected pharmacist is on...
  14. damnthosejs

    what GPS VOICES do you have vol. Ozzy's going to Fn tell me directions

    "How the F did you manage that?" I currently only have KITT right now and I'm getting sick of it. I'm DLing Snoop and Ozzy soon to "spice" up my trips
  15. damnthosejs

    Ke$ha - Tik Tok Parody (CHATROULETTE VERSION)

    Steve Kardynal strikes again but I still think  this one's better (2 million hits!)
  16. damnthosejs

    Thanks for putting me on NUJABES nt.

    my morning drive since I started listening to his beats = 
  17. damnthosejs

    PRACTICING Christians and Catholics: What's your thought on SEASONAL church-goers?

    so to avoid any confusion again with some non-religious NTers...
  18. damnthosejs

    *!% is happening to our city right now? vol. Be safe ya'll

    I have a feeling this summer will be similar to that "summer of guns" years back. so we got people breaking car windows to still your ____ (we had 2 incidents @ work today) , kids stabbing kids left and right (well what's new, but I hear it every 3 days now), people stealing your cellphone off...
  19. damnthosejs

    Crazy Naked Asian Dancing All Over Toronto

    found this on RFD. anyone seen this dude around? so random
  20. damnthosejs

    Any stores that carry Northface STEEP TECH Apogee around Toronto?

    Haven't been to a brick in mortar store in ages here in Toronto. Would Sporting Life carry them? Thank you.
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