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  1. khadafi252

    NT AND Especially NYC Detectives, Need Your Help Vol eBay Buyer Scammer

    Here's the story. This dude Kevin Noel aka mclarenx989 is trying to take advantage of us sellers on eBay by trying to request partial refunds or saying things haven't showed up after delivery. Sold some Cavs 4's and he wanted me to mark the item as 'paid' on eBay even though we went with an...
  2. khadafi252

    Non-Believers, Do You Think Religous Gestures Are Offensive?

    Before we get into this, let's please not offend those that are Religous or believers. And I ask the same in-return. I was just curious to see if there were non-believers that think people saying 'Happy Easter,' or 'Have a blessed day' is offensive to your beliefs. Religous folks take their...
  3. khadafi252

    LC Supposedly 'Authentic' MJ Nike Jersey Black/Red Pinstripe Size 54

    i didn't know where else to post this, so my apologies in-advance if this is the wrong forum.  mods, please feel free to lock if necessary. a good friend from oregon sent this to me since it was too big for him.  as is the case for me too.  3XL is monstrous in size.  i'd like to get rid of it...
  4. khadafi252

    Jordan III Retro Black Cement 2011 Sz 12 Deadstock Inquiry

    I just wanted to inquire about how much a deadstock pair of these sz 12 are going for.  i want to buy a pair but i see them ranging in crazy amounts.  is $280 too much for these?
  5. khadafi252

    Price Check Jordan 3 Black Cements 2001 sz 11, No Box

    Need your guys' help. Trying to work out a good trade between a CL buyer and myself. Here's what he is offering: 3s in great condition but worn and no box. What is the value? These are his pix so all credit to him.
  6. khadafi252

    Official New Comics Wednesday Releases 10.26.2011

    since the comic book posts fizzle out, i figured i'll try to make a new post for the new releases.  the source info is gragged from is which is a good website to get an advance look and outcast for things upcoming.  since this is my first post, i'll just post marvel/DC...
  7. khadafi252

    Anyone Collect Comics Vol We Should Make An Official Post

    I used to collect hardcore from 1989-1993 then stopped because my parents said it was getting expensive. Now I'm 30, have my own family, and got back into collecting in May of this year. I was always a Marvel head so I started w/ my favs. If was interesting to see the changes made in the Marvel...
  8. khadafi252

    We Have A Scorpion Problem Vol Common In Arizona

    we moved to the PHX area from Portland 2 years ago.  i've heard the 'scorpions are common in AZ' talk, but never have seen one.  well, we got our first one.  and this species, assuming we looked at the right one, is the most common to az and also the most dangerous.  kind of groovy, huh **note...
  9. khadafi252

    I see firsthand what you guys say about quality...

    I'm bulking around on-campus and hoping for the Kobe sighting (he's in-town), and needed to replace my badge. I go into the MJ Building to look at the stuff on-display. Sorry about the iPhone pix, but looking at these OG's you can tell the superior materials that were used. The tumbled leather...
  10. khadafi252

    NT, we have ANOTHER stray pit, vol. our 3rd rescue

    NT, if you remember our 2 previous posts, we took in a MASSIVE former fighting pit.  we took him to a pit bull rescue and as i'm looking at their page (valley of the sun dog rescue), he's finally been adopted out. then... there's the 2nd pit, khloe, that we kept.  here's her updated picture as...
  11. khadafi252

    Question About Pit Bulls (former fighting dog)

    so this is what came to our home this morning: you need to see this thing up close.  it's mutha-effin DIESEL .  anyway, we're nursing it back to health and it's chillin in our garage.  it's the nicest dog you could ever meet.  our friend is a pro pit trainer (he enters them into shows...
  12. khadafi252

    Anyone Play Roulette?

    i got questions .  i've been a light player of the game, but i'm looking to go a little harder at it on this nxt trip to vegas in 10 days.  i'm practicing on my phone  the best strategies, but i'm sure there are better, more full-proof ones.  what's the best and most logical strategy for...
  13. khadafi252

    Has anyone done the Master Cleanse?

    I'm on my 2nd day in and besides the hunger, I can say I feel more energized and alert. Reason I'm asking in the thread is to ask questions. If anyone's done it:-is there anything I can eat in-between like an apple?-any way to make the lemonade/cayenne pepper/maple syrup drink taste...
  14. khadafi252

    How Much Does The Barber Get For A Tip?

    i know, dumb question.  i've been cutting my own hair for the last however many years, and do a decent job.  but now i'm almost 30 and am tired of doing it myself.  i like the clean, even line-up the barber gives.  so i went to the barbershop last monday and found a good one on 1st try.  i get...
  15. khadafi252

    Going to Detroit this wknd, I got questions vol. Dilla, Karriem Riggins, Slum Villa

    it's for a family reunion.  we'll be there just under 48 hrs.  what i'm looking for is things that are a must see that can be done in a short time.  judging from the parking wars shows, downtown looks great.  any places to eat, clubs, shopping spots, whatever you'd recommend.  also, i heard of...
  16. khadafi252

    All Worked Up (Tru TV) vol Byron the Process Server

    Anyone watch this show? Byron and the dudes from Lizard Lick (NC), obvious stars of the show.
  17. khadafi252

    Calling All NT'ers w/ Diabetes & High Blood Pressure/NT Nutritionists/Health Nuts

    cliffs notes version of what happened:  discharged from the hospital yesterday w/ the diagnosis of low potassium, acute renal failure, and hypertension.  so the dr's called it a 'lifestyle change' on my diet.  after 28 years, my unhealthy diet caught up w/ me.  and so i ask you NT'ers:  what...
  18. khadafi252

    Mayer Hawthorne/Ghostface Killah Show in Tempe, AZ vol some highlights (56K, maybe)

    selected stuff from the mayer hawthorne/ghostface show in tempe, az last night (oct 14th). the show was phenomenal, to say the least. i knew mayer wouldn't disappoint. but cappadonna/GFK KILLED it. i have a new respect for cappadonna. not the greatest but he was always one of my favs. dude...
  19. khadafi252

    NT, Recommend Something Better Than Energy Drinks Vol. Jitters

    What's up NT? I know I can come here for the simple answers. I was wondering if anyone can recommend an energy boost source That works better than energydrinks! They either don't work or I get that jittery sugar rush (Rock Star). Thanks in advance. I'm in training for the next 8 wks. Classroom...
  20. khadafi252

    Hip-Hop/Rap Fans 25-30, Are You Turning Into Your Parents? Vol. Opinions

    for discussion only i'm 28 and most of my fav artists and music appreciation starts in the 90's. from the days when black movie soundtracks were actually good (juice,tresspass, etc), NY/Westcoast hip-hop was actually good music, and underground hip-hop was getting great recognition. no matter...
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