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  1. poogibucker

    Price Check White Cement III

    sup NT, im contemplating the rite offer to give for these cement iii's . . . any estimate as to how much this guy would be looking for ? ? ? comes w/ OG box btw
  2. poogibucker

    Unclaimed Paypal Payment ? ? ?

    i just sent a guy my payment for some shoes, and its showing up on the account page as "unclaimed" . . . never seen this status before, should i beworried ? ? ? and what the %$$% does "unclaimed" mean?
  3. poogibucker

    PC on retro bred 12s

    vnds, great condition, pretty much no scuffs, everything included
  4. poogibucker

    LC on some fire red V's

    these pics r from an eBay listing
  5. poogibucker

    LC on Bred XII's

    these pics r from an ebay listing
  6. poogibucker

    Found These in my Dad's Garage . . . IDK what they are

    someones gotta know wut nikes these r . . .
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