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  1. Jaymatik

    Bricks by the Bay LEGO convention. April 9-11

    Sup_?! If any of you have kids who dig LEGO or if you're a fan yourself, then this LEGO convention is a must. For more info, direct yourself to  
  2. Jaymatik

    Farmar to Ariza dunk highlight.

  3. Jaymatik

    I'm BBQing. What do you marinate your steaks with? Hamburger secrets?

    I haven't BBQ'd in months so I'm going to fire up this weekend with Cowboy charcoal and some meats. I want try something new so share, if you wish,what you marinate your steaks with. I'm going with short ribs, hamburgers and porter steak and sauce. INGREDIENTS for Porter Steak: * 1 boneless...
  4. Jaymatik

    Weatherman's on-air proposal video

    Check out the look on her face... Ha!
  5. Jaymatik

    Bird poops in reporter's mouth on live TV - video

    I didn't see this posted, but if it's already out there, it's still funny to see.
  6. Jaymatik

    San Jose Lake Cunningham Regional Skatepark OPENS April 26!

    Sup_?! Time to break out your SBs and wax your boards. The San Jose Lake Cunningham Regional Skatepark is scheduled to open April 26, but of course that date may change to an earlier date or bumped to a laterdate.� I was able to check the park last week and it makes me want to take out my 15+...
  7. Jaymatik

    Demand the JabbaWockeeZ to perform in Norcal!

    If you were entertained like I was watching them on ABDC or if you remember Jughead, Mindtricks and Jedi Clan from back in the days then DEMAND theJabbaWockeeZ. >
  8. Jaymatik

    UNDFTD adidas Top Ten & 1979 Box set - 2/02/08
  9. Jaymatik

    Ten Tricks to Using Google You Probably Don't Know

  10. Jaymatik


  11. Jaymatik


    WHAT?! Sports Basement Friend's and Family Friday, December 7 4-10pm 20% off already reduced prices throughout the entire store (as if things weren't cheap already) . If anybody is interested, just sign under Mike Gibson at the store. For more info please read the email...
  12. Jaymatik

    Staying near Madison Square - What's near?

    Sup NYC_?! I'll be in New York around Madison Square for a few days. What's fairly close by that's worth visiting? Let me know.
  13. Jaymatik

    KRS ONE live @ Club Avalon - FRIDAY 11/30

    I didn't even know he's still around, but he was dope when I listened to him. For those of you who are interested get your tickets and info here:
  14. Jaymatik


    APL.DE.AP - celebrate his birthday in LA! Buy tickets to APL.DE.AP's birthday bash in Los Angeles this Tuesday! Only $9.99! For more info on this even andfor tickets direct yourself here -
  15. Jaymatik


    For those of you who may be interested. 20% OFF ANY SINGLE ITEM from 8am - 10am. This includes already discounted products. ALSO Led Zeppelin giveaways including CDs, DVDs, Tshirts and MORE! JMTK!
  16. Jaymatik

    UND x Paper 24 Hour Dept Store // Friday Oct 9

    For those who are interested. JMTK!
  17. Jaymatik

    Spare the Air Tonight, Tuesday, November 6, BAY AREA

    JUST PUTTING THIS OUT THERE FOR THOSE WHO CARE. Spare the Air Tonight, Tuesday, November 6, in the San Francisco Bay Area. The air quality tonight is forecast to be unhealthy. The Bay Area Air District is asking residents to refrain from burning wood in their fireplaces and woodstoves, and...
  18. Jaymatik

    NOVEMBER 2007 Bay Area Snow Shows

    Sup NT! It's back. The annual Ski & Snowboard Show November 9th - 11th San Jose Convention Center San Jose November 17th & 18th Cal Expo Fairgrounds Sacramento Let's hope we have some good snow this season... JMTK!
  19. Jaymatik

    REX NAVARRETE @ Le Petit Trianon 10/27

    If you're a Rex fan, then you might consider checking this out. Le Petit Trianon 72 N. Fifth Street San Jose $20-$30, $40 for onstage seating and reception 6 and 9pm ***SELLING 90s hip hop vinyl and DJ equipment. Contact me if interested!***
  20. Jaymatik

    Tera Patrick @ Crazy Horse 7/12 - 7/14

    For all you Tera fans. She'll be at Crazy Horse July 12 - 14. She will be dancing 2 shows nightly. Check out Crazy Horse for more info. JMTK! ***SELLING 90s hip hop vinyl and DJ equipment. Contact me if interested!***
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