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  1. pqpine413

    Nike Dunk SB - Tiffany

    my flickr
  2. pqpine413

    any photographers here?

    wondering if there's any members here on the canadian board who are active photographers i've fallen deeply into the hobby and haven't updated my shoe collection in a long long time because all the money is going towards new camera gear.though i havent sold my shoes yet. there's always a...
  3. pqpine413

    Living in Culver City, good spots nearby?

    Hi all, i'll be visiting LA from Toronto. Will be staying at a place of a friend's in Culver City are there any good spots to visit and good places for shopping? thanks! msn/email - ebay/aim - pqpine413 GOODS ON EBAY - ATI REMOTE WONDERS[/font] EzCode Parsing Error: color=f
  4. pqpine413


    ALL THAT BELONG TO THE BUY/SELL FORUM We have looked into the local trade posts issue and we think the idea isn't a bad one. But we feel the local B/S threads aren't neccessary and that they'll only lead to excessive posts of advertising as well as unfairness among NTers, especially those...
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