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  1. brandon3000

    Can anyone ID these shoes?

    As seen on Gary Trent Jr. this evening. Thanks in advance!
  2. brandon3000

    Best Sports Book You've Ever Read?

    My favorite three: Michael Jordan: The Life Showboat: The Life of Kobe Bryant Looking for candid sports books to give to family & friends for the holidays and some to check out myself. Anything shared will be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. brandon3000

    External HDD Recommendation?

    Whats up guys I had a Western Digital 4TB that recently stopped connecting to my iMac. Total drag because I had a ton of data on there. Wanted to see if anyone had a HDD they recommend. Need something that can last with a desktop mac. Thanks in advance!
  4. brandon3000

    Photoshop Request: Can Someone Put Tom Brady’s face/logo on This?

    Please, and thanks in advance:
  5. brandon3000

    Never start with the head, the victim gets all fuzzy.

    So Dark Knight is on HBO Go and I was watching again and I have a question... Okay so when Batman & Joker finally face off in the interrogation scene Batman kicks it off by slamming Jokers head against the table... yadda yadda yadda at the end of the scene Joker finally tells Batman where...
  6. brandon3000

    Home Security Reccomendations?

    New homeowner. Currently using ADT but have the option to move on. Wanted to get cameras. Any of you guys personally have any recommendations?
  7. brandon3000

    Have You (Or Anyone You Know) Broken An Apartment Lease? (Vol. Ran Off On The Lease)

    Cliffs: • Closing on my first home June 1st • Apartment Lease Ends October 26, 2017 • Apartment wants June Rent + Lease Termination even though I won't be living there. ($2,000 once I've already moved out) Rent is $1,015/month for a 2 bedroom. Apartment doesn't allow subleasing or...
  8. brandon3000

    "Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things" Discussion :::: Now On Netflix

    So I'm watching this documentary and I just wanted to see if anyone else has seen it and if so what are your thoughts? Or thoughts on minimalism in general. The lifestyle they're speaking about seems extreme, however, how much more extreme is it than me buying two pairs of space jams for...
  9. brandon3000

    Wanted: Vic Mensa Beatdown Tee

    hey guys, looking for either of these Vic mensa beatdown tees. I slept and they sold out on me :(
  10. brandon3000

    Finessed?: UPS Claimed They Delivered 5 Packages: Missing/Never Delivered (update)

    Cliffs: Ordered 6 items from Nike last weekend. Some cool flyknit hyperdunks, Olympic gear, couple things off clearance... Anyways They shipped them in 5 packages all set to arrive today. Packages said they were delivered at 5:05pm i work from home, no knock, no slip, no signature, not left...
  11. brandon3000

    Things To Do In Philly This Weekend? (Roots Picnic Weekend)

    What's up fellas! Flying into Philly tonight through Monday. What are some great things to do besides cheese steak? (not looking for too much of the historical touristy stuff but I would like to check out spots that would be like, "don't miss this", or "you gotta check out...."
  12. brandon3000

    Paypal Claim: Should I prepare for the L? (Has this happened to you?)

    Cliffs: Sold 2 pairs of DS Jordan's Customer receives them, says their flawed and wants a partial discount. 129300 I say nah, just send the shoes back. Shoes arrive back worn. Once I escalate this to paypal what will happen? Obviously I'm losing value on the shoes. Should I prepare for the L?
  13. brandon3000

    Air Jordan XXX sz. 11 (Black Cat) (DS) (Will trade for sz. 11.5)

    Hello guys, I have a pair of Air Jordan XXX sz. 11 that I'm looking to part with. I'd prefer an 11.5 or 12 in the French blue or Copper 17+ and would be willing to pay extra cash for either. Just the same I'd be fine selling these for $199 shipped. If you're interested please feel free to PM me...
  14. brandon3000

    Air Jordan AW Logo?

    Was curious the origins of the Air Jordan AW Logo. Anyone have any info?
  15. brandon3000

    ...:: Niketalk NFL Fantasy 2K18 League ::.. (CONGRATULATIONS CRUZZZ CRUZZZ - 2016 CHAMPION) - PAY O

    2017 NFL FANTASY 2K18 (UPDATED)::::: $50 Buy In Winner Take All ESPN Fantasy Football $ League $50 Entry Winner Take All 12 Team/Standard Scoring 8 Spots Available Draft: Wed. 9/06 9pm EST DM if interested -------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  16. brandon3000

    Apple Music Random Update Question (When In Shuffle) (Pic)

    When shuffling through your songs, on this screen, say I want to hear a different song on THIS album. How do I? Is it possible? It's annoying apple is trying to force playlists so hard you can't even navigate albums that appear on shuffle :{
  17. brandon3000

    Does Safari or Mozilla Have A Plugin to Get Rid of The Ads On NT?

    Ruins My experinece on here and it's kinda annoying and ruins my experience on here. They use my shopping browsing history against me for clothes, electronics, whatever. It's weird. Can i get rid of these somehow?
  18. brandon3000

    "How To Be A Big Shot" - Robert Horry, Players Tribune (Insight On Champion Lakers, Phil, Kobe, Drea

    Another great peace from The Players Tribune and worth checking out (Especially this time of year) Would love to see some of you guys thoughts on the things Horry says here. Few cliffs below. Enjoy
  19. brandon3000

    Someone E-Filed My Taxes Before I Could... (Identity Theft Advice?)(Anyone Ever Had This Happen?)

    I'll make this quick guys. *Had my normal tax specialist e-file my taxes this year as soon as I got my W2 in late January *He informed me (after receiving a notification from Intuit) that someone filed my taxes on 01/15/15 and the IRS rejected it saying that someone with my social/TIN...
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