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  1. titang545

    What are you doing right now besides checking NT Alerts?

    Sitting here at work fake working, while I wait for quitting time. One screen have the corporate email up, other screen watching YouTube documentary on the Riviera being demolished. I didn't know so many movies were filmed there, dude did a good job on the camera work. Some nice drone work...
  2. titang545

    The 'Love and Respect' Air Jordan 13s

    When Michael Jordan left the NBA (as a player) for good in 2003, ending his career with the Washington Wizards, Nike took out a full page ad in newspapers to mark the moment. The ad, published on April 20, 1993, took the form of a letter to the game of basketballpenned by Jordan himself. That...
  3. titang545


    I didn't see a thread yet. Air Force 1 Penny Hardaway
  4. titang545


    I notice all my conversations just became unread, anyway to select multiple and mark read. Possibly a way to select multiple and delete them?
  5. titang545

    Reviewing Watched Thread Alerts

    I am not getting alerts by email or in the top right corner on threads I am watching. I checked the settings to get alerts to any thread I post in or am watching. Yet I don't get email alerts or notifications, I come back to the thread and I have missed pages since my last post. I know some...
  6. titang545

    Feedback Post per page (PPP) limit, please raise.

    Can you think long and hard about upping the current default of post per page or at least give us the option to change it from the default 20. Some of these threads have been going on for a decade and have thousands of pages with 20 PPP.
  7. titang545

    Resolved Strikethrough

    Has the ability to strikethrough a word or words in a post been removed?
  8. titang545

    WTB Nike Air Max 96 II XX "Goldenrod" SZ 9.5/10

    Looking to buy a DS pair of the recent released version (9/2016).  Please message me if you do have them for sale. Thank you for your time.
  9. titang545

    Thread of GIF's

    After hearing someone say for the umpteenth time does someone have X gif.  I decided to create a thread with the NT most used GIF's. Although I found a bunch of GIF request threads with the main one being...
  10. titang545

    Legit check Black Grapes

    Can a couple give me any info on these black grapes, wondering if they are legit. I asked seller for additional pics, that I will add once they provide them.
  11. titang545

    Thunder IV's Legit?

    New on this side of the forum but was wondering if these were legit.  Only has one pic posted but has about 70 reviews all positive.  Any assistance appreciated.
  12. titang545

    Air Jordan XI - gamma blue-black-varsity maize

    I wasn't sure if anyone saw this and just didn't want to post it.  I don't own a pair of 11's so I might give them a shot, would like to see more pics though.  I do like the icy sole though, really starting to grow on me.
  13. titang545

    Which Air Max were they?

    Does anyone remember the Air Max that came the following year of the Air Max 96.  Unfortunately they are not the Air Max 97's, I don't know if Nike had a mid year release but these were certainly not the 97's.  A friend of mines and I joked back then how the 97's looked like nursing shoes. I...
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