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  1. stillin729

    Jumanji: The Next Level - out 12/13/2019

    looks awesome, loved the last one
  2. stillin729

    "The Peanut Butter Falcon" starring Shia LeBeouf - Aug. 2019

    movie looks great, hoping Shia is past his troubles and this starts his comeback here is an MTV interview, dude seems like he's in a good place now
  3. stillin729

    Jordan Spizike Retro: UNDFTD Colorway

    had no idea these were coming back, I hated these when they were out but the nostalgia got me loving these
  4. stillin729

    Fake thread
  5. stillin729

    Sandy Bodecker: The man behind Nike SB passes away

    damn man, this dude is probably one of the biggest influencers of the sneaker culture we know today, a little part of my youth feels gone
  6. stillin729

    RIP Mac Miller

    damn only 26 **** is wild...confirmed by TMZ
  7. stillin729

    already a thread lock it up

    I am feeling these
  8. stillin729

    Halloween: starring Jamie Lee Curtis - Executive produced by John Carpenter Oct. 2018

    movie is a direct sequel to the original and ignores all the garbage afterwards
  9. stillin729

    Justin Timberlake - "Man of the Woods" New Album

    new single Friday...
  10. stillin729

    lock missed thread already created

    edit missed the thread
  11. stillin729

    Rampage starring Dwayne Johnson and Jeffrey Dean Morgan 04/20/2018

    movie looks dope IMO, based off the 80's video game
  12. stillin729

    Nike x Kendrick Lamar - Cortez Kenny 01/26 - First release

    gonna see a bunch of collabs I assume, here is the first one...:pimp::pimp::pimp:
  13. stillin729

    Tom Petty taken off life support after massive heart attack...RIP

    well damn, another legend :smh:
  14. stillin729

    JIGSAW: New Saw Movie 10/27/2017

    looks pretty good IMO
  15. stillin729

    Nike NBA Apparel and Jersey Thread: 2017-18 NBA Season Takeover

    ready to cop my Ben Simmons authentic :hat
  16. stillin729

    Stronger: The Jeff Bauman Story (Boston Marathon victim) 09/22/2017 starring Jake Gyllenhaal

    Jake gonna contend for that Oscar nod :hat
  17. stillin729

    Daniel Day-Lewis announces retirement from acting...GOAT???

    Dudes resume is spotless is he the GOAT?
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