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  1. la lakers 8

    Stores that sell RetroSuperFuture sunglasses in LA or SD?

    I know I can buy them online, but I want to try the different styles before purchasing. Anyone know where I can find them in LA or SD?
  2. la lakers 8

    RIP Lewda (Crooks & Castles)

    RIP. I chopped it up w/u a few times while shopping at Crooks. U was a good dude and will be greatly missed by many many people. RIP.
  3. la lakers 8

    Anyone successfully land a job thru Craigslist?

    Or at least a response or interview?
  4. la lakers 8

    Credit Cards For Bad Credit to Re-Build Credit?

    Sup NT. I'm tryna rebuild my credit bacc where it needs to be. Which cards are the best for my situation as far as APR, no annual fee.....etc.
  5. la lakers 8

    SoCal Food/Grub Thread

    How come we don't have an official SoCal grub/food thread? We have so many bomb food/restaurants out here, this thread is so necessary. NorCal's is very useful, I look into it whenever I head up north to try new spots, so let's start one up for SoCal. I love food. I especially enjoy eating...
  6. la lakers 8

    Samoas & Thin Mints Appreciation Post

    I love when they start selling these in front of the Supermarket. My girl juss bought 10 boxes of each. Big !+$ glass of milk w/refills, I go to work. Big !+$ bowl of ice cream, throw em in and smash em up, I go to work. I know they sell Samoas and Thin Mint ice cream at the store, but it...
  7. la lakers 8

    Slaughterhouse Freestyle on Hot97 FF - 12/19/11

    Yooo! They went in, SHEEEESH!!!! Video of part 1. Vid of part 2 will be up soon. Download MP3: Part 1 Part 2
  8. la lakers 8

    The "he/she/they went in" thread

    Basically, if u hear or know of a tracc an artist or artists went in on, post it. I think this will help me hear some dope traccs I never heard before too. This tracc jus came on shuffle. They went in, Ye' especially. It came out over a year ago only, but I completely forgot about it, and...
  9. la lakers 8

    Power 106 Cali Christmas being streamed live now from LA (Vids posted)

    Jus a heads up, Power 106 is streaming the show live right now. YG, Loverance, and Audio Push performed so far. YG brought out Nip Hussle. TMC!
  10. la lakers 8

    Dude gets knocced out for stealing foamposites

    This is wut should happen to any clown who steals kiccs or scams ppl. Trill !%%%. "The kid in the green jacket stole foamposites out the room of the dude in the grey dorm room & they both dont know each other & the dude in the grey been missing the foamposites for 2weeks & out of no where this...
  11. la lakers 8

    Checc out these headphones! BiGR Audio - 50% off w/free shipping! These headphones make a great gift for yourself or someone that deserves them. I have the Crooks myself. Great product. I can hook u up wit a 50% off friends & family code, so get at me before buying. Happy holidays NT fam!
  12. la lakers 8

    Don't you hate when you tell someone to stop playing around and they don't listen....?

    When someone tells you to quit playing, it means kill it. I had a similar situation in high school where dude didn't stop talking #@%*, so I swung on him. Never saw him after that, I think he switched schools.
  13. la lakers 8

    Audi E-Tron Sypder. This is a BAD whip!

    Someone on the Audizine forums posted these pics, he spotted it on the side of Mullholland Drive, all you Socal people know where that is. This is one smooth ride. I love Audi's.
  14. la lakers 8

    WILD @*%+!!!!!!!!!

    Remember when Kobe Bryant jumped over that Aston Martin while Ronny Turiaf stood there and watched? Well, it looks like some guy in Milwaukee thought that was a great idea and added his own “twist
  15. la lakers 8

    Where my SD people @?????

    I moved out here a couple weeks ago. If you live out here in SD u already kno! Let's hoop and kick it, blow trees ...... etc. Holla @ me!!!!
  16. la lakers 8

    YO, Listen and tell me what you think!

    These are my dudes. Below is a link to their sample EP. Listen and give some feedback. They just had their first show in LA last week and it was live. I'm extremely proud of my boys Sign of the Times Sampler EP by Sign of the Times
  17. la lakers 8

    Check out this new clothing line and tell me wut u think please. (Street wear)

    This is my bro-in laws brand new street wear clothing line that just dropped, called LION AND TIGER LA. At LION AND TIGER, the philosophy is THERE ARE NO RULES. LIVE ACCORDINGLY. Just like most street wear brands that originated from LA, it is inspired by the LA Lifestyle. That's all I'm gonna...
  18. la lakers 8

    Please do me a HUGE favor!! Get $5 credit and a chance to win an iPad2 just for registering.

    NT, my sisters are starting a social commerce site called Hoopla. It is similar to Groupon, but it will be geared more towards families. You will appreciate Hoopla if you are a deal seeker because it will feature the finest limited time deals to benefit you and your family. All they need right...
  19. la lakers 8

    If you like Audi's, check this out! A7 content.

    This is amazing!!
  20. la lakers 8

    Vote my baby niece as the next GAP BABY

    We just entered her in the contest on Friday and need as many votes as possible. Please click on the link to vote. Appreciate yall. http://www.gapcastingcall...tryDetail.html?id=858233
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