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  1. lovemy23kicks


    i cant find many online retailers who sell AUTHENTIC bape merchandise...maybe i jus dont know where to look. also im looking for reasonable prices. thanksall!!
  2. lovemy23kicks


    what up nt. without anyone's particular opinion on MTX, i need preferably someone who is familiar with the thunder series. i have the woofer wired down toa 2 ohm load for my 1501d. BUT its not hitting the lows i want it to, and know it is capable of. im starting to think it has something to do...
  3. lovemy23kicks


    look legit to me but i need some other opinions b4 i pay. thanks NT
  4. lovemy23kicks

    AUDIO HEADS!!!! JL AUDIO W7 OR MTX 9500????

    whats good NT, i need some ppl who have heard or own these speakers to respond on this one. . i have already upgraded my alternator and i just finishedinstalling the new optima yellow cap that will run the system alone. the cars battery will not be affected. my dude swears by JL audio in terms...
  5. lovemy23kicks

    **lovemy23kicks** collection

    what up NT, ive been collecting for i think a year n a half now...put it this way, i started getting back into the shoe game when the playoff 8's droppedlast year lol so however long its been since anyway, enjoy!! comments welcome. front row is hoopin/beater kicks... **RECENT PICK...
  6. lovemy23kicks

    quick Suede/nubuck question

    what up nt, my black n chrome 8's are starting to lose a little life in the suede. i have read the care/maintenance post n understand u can use a littlebaby oil diluted with water to give it back some moisture. i just dont know the proportions. like 50/50, 70/30?? lol whats the best. lemme hear...
  7. lovemy23kicks

    *********Welcome to DC!!!!!***********

    what up NT, jus wanted to familiarize some ppl with a lil brand we have in DC named Aja Imani (JOY, FAITH). a few ppl have been askin me about it sooo ifigured it would just be easier to show.....its my favorite brand, its all hand painted originals. a little backround on it, the dude who...
  8. lovemy23kicks

    Bone Thugs-n-HArmony APPRECIATION POST

    What up NT? i was jus takin it back today listenin to my E 1999 cd......n that sparked me to have an all day marathon of the thuggish ruggish bone. as we speaki got "bone and biggie " on lol...... feel it or not, i think these dudes are prolly some of the most underrated artists ever. post how u...
  9. lovemy23kicks


    ALL THE OLD NT HEADS POST ON THIS FOR ME.....if you haven't been a member for over a month i really don't wanna hear from u. ok, so i was outta the loop with NT for a few months n just recently started posting again. when i left, the legit check forum was pristine, people would getstrikes for...
  10. lovemy23kicks


    ok, i dont no about anyone else, but i have been fiendin to see what the v's are gonna look like for the CDP. i have seen the wht n red 18's n they arefire to me, n with the 5's bein my fav jordan, it a definite cop for me.....i jus wanted to know if anyone has seen pics of the 5's or...
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