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  1. the technodrome

    Lakers Game lassnite : Oregon Ducks V

    Was watching the game against the Nuggets lassnite and saw a white dude courtside rocking the Jordan V Oregon Ducks colorway anyone catch that, looks like Mark Wahlberg and before flames are up havent posted on NT for a long time never did like the new look or how so many threads are made now as...
  2. the technodrome

    Most/More Overrated Hypebeast Jordan series ...the Doernbecher or the BIN ?

    Dont care for neither really...the Doernbecher III's are pretty nice but both series are rather fairly overdid and for one reason and one reason only...yea I know the Doernbecher story but the resale money people slang the shoes for does not go to those kids at that hospital, so outside of that...
  3. the technodrome

    My Zumba Girl post deleted?

    Just wondering was it too much I dont remember anyone breaking rules?
  4. the technodrome

    So are the Thunder IV's releasing in Nov?

    Really loved these over the Lightnings and wouldnt mind dropping less than 800-1000 on these but is it true it is coming out havent seen anything on here outside of the cement ivs and those nubuck red ones
  5. the technodrome

    so...Kelly Kapowski or Kelly Bundy

    Which one would you choose? One's a hot brunette, rich and is the girl next door, popular and probably as fresh as your nicest smelling Febreeze down there. The other is hot blonde, a !%!@%, would probably do whatever your wildest fantasies desire...probably a great time and nite
  6. the technodrome


    Anyone going? I'm going Weekend 1 camping out but also have a friend who is staying in a hotel, can't wait. 
  7. the technodrome

    What Are You Wearing (Your Bball Rotation) Vol. Summer n Beyond

    Nothin too crazy my Jordan XIII retro white/black/red and just got the 1st Hyperfuse Lows both for indoor, 2 kicks in the rotation cause I don't hoop as much as I workout
  8. the technodrome

    Which players have rocked the Cool Grey XI's college & league?

    I don't remember these many players rocking this shoe back in 2001 except Eddie Curry on Preps and Mj and Rip on the Wizards, Darius Miles n QRich back durin their glory days. Now it looks like everyone rocking em with red blue green jerseys. All I remember is Dejaun Blair JR Smith, homie from...
  9. the technodrome

    So how soon until Jeremy Lin is out the L

    Since the coach that got him ain't coaching no more, and even in pre-season he ain't playing and he isn't injured....all that hype for nothing lol
  10. the technodrome

    Black/Orange XII's PE??

    Am I tripping, or did someone had on Black mostly Orange PE XII's last year? And it was on the Lakers home court, all I remember they were sick as hell, just don't know if I dreamt it or if reality?
  11. the technodrome

    What are the Jordan sponsored High School teams in Cali?

    I could've sworn there were at least 2 Jordan Brand sponsored high school teams in cali? Can't think of it at the moment
  12. the technodrome

    We interrupt your regularly scheduled program for Rosa Acosta

    been watching this show for awhile, even though I only understand like 30% but mad broads on it...
  13. the technodrome

    Is this the most evil woman on tv? the world?

    She seriously reminds me that some women are indeed evil, always strap up, can't have no lovechild with a women with her attitude, like angry 99.9% of the time
  14. the technodrome

    Dear Summer : How'd your Summer 2010 go? Best Moment?

    Job Changed, now summer's over another better job change, parties, random JO's, Lakers getting the repeat chip, Entourage being alot better than last season, did it big in Vegas for my May bday once, not the best but was chill, could've went to the beaches more. The weather still hitting 90...
  15. the technodrome

    Midnight Madness Dunk Contest: Some these dunks are nice

    Guess its Canada, but some of these dunks and if't got time to search thru all the pages..
  16. the technodrome


  17. the technodrome

    Official: Employee Appreciaton Exclusion List?

    Sorry this is not a post about the employee appreciation thread nor a thread about "Can you hook me up" I made this thread so we all know what's excluded in this weekend's 50, how will we know if all the other threads are lock, so please just put the info here without getting this locked, thanks
  18. the technodrome

    Official: Entourage - Ep. 80: Buzzed 7.11.10

    Well lets see how this 2nd episode goes...thought 1st for a season premiere was kinda dry. The synopsis is below... [/spoiler]
  19. the technodrome

    Heat vs Cavs in the 2010-2011 Season

    You think the reception for Bron will be worse than VC coming back to Toronto as a Net? Any applause at all for what he did for em in the 7 years there? I think they'll be stuff thrown on court and not talking foam fingers
  20. the technodrome

    Air Jordans You're Hooping In (Summer)

    My summer rotation is simple Jordan Series: XI black/red 2001 retros, XII white/red retros, XIV black/red retros Jordan Team: Navy/Blue FBI's, Retro Jumpman Pros Thinking bout getting the Jumpman Pro Strong to destroy before summer ends, they look clean
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