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  1. masagipatron

    The Good Lord Bird (Showtime Mini-Series About John Brown)

    I've been waiting for Hollywood to do a legit John Brown film for years. This is a mini series, but I'll take it. Starring Ethan Hawke as well as Daveed Diggs (Hamilton, Blindspotting, Clipping). It premieres on Sunday, August 9th.
  2. masagipatron

    The Green Knight (A24 Film)

    If you've ever read Sir Gawain & The Green Knight, then you know what time it is. Looking forward to this, A24 got that crack.
  3. masagipatron

    Years and Years (BBC x HBO Show)

    Apparently this aired on BBC One earlier this year and now HBO is airing it for the US. Episode 1 is up. Started watching it, has a Black Mirror vibe (and the Pig ****er from Black Mirror is in this) but also a bit more comedic. But from what I gather in the trailer, things are going to take a...
  4. masagipatron

    Banksy's Back In NYC

    14th Street and 6th Ave
  5. masagipatron

    Timeless Truth- Cold Wave

    Flushing, Queens brother duo, Timeless Truth, dropped their new album "Cold Wave" today on iTunes. I've been following them for a few years now. Seen them live, met them several times. Very good people and they're part of that NYC 'Lo wave. They're affiliated with artists like Large Professor...
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