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  1. frankthekingdtx

    PainFrom Hell. Vol. Wisdom Teeth

    I had my 2 lower wisdom teeth pulled sunday and one side healed up perfectly while the other side seems to be getting worse in terms of pain. I went back yesterday and they said maybe I had a dry socket so they rinsed it out with some special wash and stuck something in there that smelled...
  2. frankthekingdtx

    Regret Nah,Lesson Learned(Results In).Vol. STD

    So I met this one chick 4 weeks ago at a club and smashed the same night. I was so gone that I forgot to strap up. Long story short is that for the past few days my thing has been burning a little everytime I urinate and it seems like a small amount of clear fluid keeps coming out occasionally...
  3. frankthekingdtx

    House Loan?? HELP

    So my grandparents got a notice saying that they owe a crap load of property taxes and what not and i thought it was maybe a couple thousand which would be paid off easily. Right now i found a new notice they got which says they owe 40,000 because of interest and late penalties and a whole bunch...
  4. frankthekingdtx

    Help,Cant think of the word.

    I am writing a 12 page paper for my psychology class and need a word meaning " we have knowledge that has been there before'. I came up with  'preset knowledge' but that sounds completely wrong. This is bugging the crap out of me because i cant figure the word out. There was something i read...
  5. frankthekingdtx

    Any doctors here??

    I am seriously thinking about becocming a doctor,maybe specializing in cancer. If you are a doctor can you give me info on  the time it took,the sacrifices youve had to make and things like that. thanks
  6. frankthekingdtx

    Death Topic...Discuss

    What is you take on death? Dont try and be a smart $+!,I just want some educated responses. Do you believe once we die here on earth that its all over, or do you think there is something greater afterwards? My reasoning for starting this thread is because a friend who was still in high school...
  7. frankthekingdtx

    Uplifting Advice needed.

    I am a 3rd year college student who has a pretty good life,have a loving family,great girl,the best friends i could ever ask for,have my dream car, and my career chosen out. However,I have not been working for the last 2 months due to a layoff at my job so Ive been just spending a lot of time...
  8. frankthekingdtx

    Rick Ross starting beef with Slim Thug?

    I read something on about him dissing slim thug on a song called "King Boss". I hope Slim puts him away quickly,another gangsta grillz mixtape would be nice,Boss Basics Pt.2?
  9. frankthekingdtx

    Cam'Ron-F these B******

    He went pretty hard on this song.late for going off on this beat but he went hard still. That girl has a ridiculous trunk. <object width="448" height="374"> <param name="movie" value="" /> <param name="allowFullScreen"...
  10. frankthekingdtx

    Would God Forgive Me?

    There is a couple who i know are drug dealers and in the past month they have apparently "befriended" my mother. They got her hooked on cocaine and last night around 2am she overdosed on it and was so close to dying. She was barely let go from the hospital an hour ago and is home now where me...
  11. frankthekingdtx

    Need Advice..yea about a girl

    i met this chick off of a drunk message i sent while i was on myspace.she called me the next day and we have been together everyday since then which was about the middle of may. there is no doubt that she is my soul mate by the way i feel for this one. So many things happened that got us to meet...
  12. frankthekingdtx

    When do you say i love you???

    I got with this girl recently and ive already fallen for her. We havent been together long so i dont want to scare her with the i love you words. In my other relationships its been about a month and a half to 2 months til ive told them that. The only thing with this girl is that ive been with...
  13. frankthekingdtx

    What now???

    Cliffnoted: I get with girl that i loved after a long time waiting. a month before i got with her i tried getting with her homegirl my homeboy liked her but never made a move homeboy finds out and calls up my girl and tells her my girl breaks up with me because she said i should have told her...
  14. frankthekingdtx

    Need good mature ideas..Date

    Ever since 4 years ago Me and this chick have always knew we were going to end up with eachother but life has barely let it happen,so now that im finally with her i want to take her on an unforgettable first date this weekend. Anybody have any good ideas? no im not going to put up pics,and yes i...
  15. frankthekingdtx

    Just took my biggest L..

    I usually have my chem lab on monday but decided to miss it so i can make it up in the wednesday class because i wanted to holla at this fine girl in there. Anywho i went and it turns out she was the last in class so i gave her my seat to make a good impression and started talking to her and...
  16. frankthekingdtx

    Lil Flip- Crown Me Pt.2 Beat Flippaz

    This mixtape is hot,just put up on datpiff.
  17. frankthekingdtx

    Lil Flip and Z-Ro Beefing Now.

    Theres a video on youtube where Z-ro clearly states that he wont work with flip anymore because he is a female dog. Where did this come from? Man i guess this means no Kings of the South Volume 2 On youtube type in New Zero calls Lil Flip a B**** exclusive
  18. frankthekingdtx

    Animal Planet:Lost Tapes..Your Opinions.

    What is your take on this show?? I watched a few episodes the past few hours and I just want to know if this is all bull or what. Are events of encounters with those creatures just reinacted or is that actual footage that they are showing us because that lizardman freaked me out. Next weeks...
  19. frankthekingdtx

    Nip Tuck Appreciation

    New season started last week,new episode is next, who watches this show? christian is my idol. Great show.
  20. frankthekingdtx

    Halloween in Austin

    Whats going down this year for halloween weenies? I heard of 2 parties but i was just thinking about going to 6th and getting wasted and ending up in a dumpster or something. what are you all doing ,any suggestions?
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