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  1. aNYone

    What’s in yo pocket? Vol. Its not a purse it’s fashion?/ Cargo shorts welcome?

    Spin off thread of @SC kid critically accliamed Long story short what do you carry everyday on a regular basis? Whether you always have a bag on you with a myriad of items or you keep it simple “what’s in yo pocket”? P.S I’m...
  2. aNYone

    Everybody hates chris: da boy got bars

    This has to be addresed. The flow and delivery was choppy but dude was spittin. Has it gotten to a point where "rappers" arent the best rappers
  3. aNYone

    A Paramount Discover in Understanding and Assessing Women VOL: He Cracked da code b

        Words to live by 
  4. aNYone

    Could Mike Tyson in his prime K.O. a restrained Silverback Gorilla

    First off this is a nonsensical thread i know but i need other opinions I was having an argument earlier saying Iron Mike could Knockout almost any Mammal if he catches them flush on a free shot  Keep in mind the the Silverback is restrained .  Feel free to bring up other scenarios
  5. aNYone

    Thirsty Guy Prank Vol: Douche bag or Keeping it real

    At first i was kanye shrugging throughout the entire video because i have no problem with him hitting someone he does not find attractive with the curve but when he started going in on her especially when he was talking about her headgear i was like    What does NT think
  6. aNYone

    Vitaly Back at it VOL: Unearthing the true intentions of women 1 o at a time

     Dat spit though  I Kind of hope its fake because i couldn't just take a loogie to the grill
  7. aNYone

    People Charging to view Banksy piece in East New York Vol: Everyday I'm hustlin?

    Pic of the piece they were covering Excerpt from NYPOST article  Link: A couple of savvy Brooklyn street entrepreneurs have started charging $20 a pop to take pictures of a new Banksy art piece of a stenciled beaver...
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