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  1. BaltimoreLove

    Donald Trump pardons Lil Wayne and kodak black Vol: True american hero Lettuce Discuss
  2. BaltimoreLove

    Samir soldier admits to purposely giving people aids

    You already ...
  3. BaltimoreLove

    What are you doing during quarantine?

    With free time coming what do you plan on doing...
  4. BaltimoreLove

    Nas albums... where you YOU rank them in order

    **** post up from best to worst 1. It was written 2. Godson ( tie with illmatic ) 2. Illmatic 3. Lost tapes 4. Stillmatic 5. The rest of them
  5. BaltimoreLove

    Ya jacking Candace Owens ?

    she seems pretty logical Here’s a video I like from her ,
  6. BaltimoreLove

    I’m not down on my luck but I need some encouragement

    what’s up niketalk. I grew up in the inner cities and made it out there unscaved from the days of dealing and the tough guy image of my younger years. I graduated high school on time and went to College. I finished my ba with a double major and a minor but during my finals week my father passed...
  7. BaltimoreLove

    Psny 12 grey from stock x

  8. BaltimoreLove

    What are “child forums”

    whenever I see ch for something on niketalk , there is a box that says include child forums but I’ve never seen that on the forum lists ... what is that ?
  9. BaltimoreLove

    Champion sweaters less than 20 dollars at dicks

    you already ... free shipping No hoodies
  10. BaltimoreLove

    Does drake have street cred?

    seeing as how he’s backed my j prince and all ../
  11. BaltimoreLove

    Happy 4:20 ya

    Fellow Americans , It is with the utmost pride and sincerity that I come to you and wish you peace and blessings on this most wonderful holiday. Let us not forget the freedom fighters of the past, present and future that sacrificed for us and stoood up against evil, tyranny,lies, deceit and...
  12. BaltimoreLove

    Friend didn’t know a milkshake was ice cream and milk

    should I be worried
  13. BaltimoreLove

    When is it okay to let your ain’t **** homies go

    Discussion will follow
  14. BaltimoreLove

    For my Nike talkers in a relationship

    does it ever feel equal ? I mean we talk about equality.... with the rise of the feminism cult a relationship from a mans perspective should feel like a partnership that is more or less equal and less like taking care of someone .... is this want ever met ? Or do we continue on with the notion...
  15. BaltimoreLove

    Man clearly getting taken advantage of

    Never seen such sucker ish
  16. BaltimoreLove

    Just broke up with my girlfriend vol:farmlife

    So I was in an ok relationship . But I just wasn’t happy . We didn’t really have similar interests, she wasn’t really skilled and age had poor conversation skills. I told her I would give her to spring and well spring came . She was overall a good person it’s not like she cheated or did me wrong...
  17. BaltimoreLove

    I told my landlord the house needed some reapirs and she told me I had to move.

    So I moved into a new place, I paid first, last and security. Ive been here for one month this is starting two now. The sink in the kitchen became backed up (shared house) So I told her we needed running water. There was also no lights in that same kitchen that worked so i requested at least...
  18. BaltimoreLove

    Did we loose all pre 2007 content?

    Good evening niketalk. I was looking for classic nastolgic old posts and it seems all pre posts are gone ... do I have to go back to yuku for the old content ?
  19. BaltimoreLove

    women of loose virtue cheats on her man EDIT another man is also not the father

    So dumb *** cheats on young man, kids aren't his and his mom tried to tell him to be strong to raise these kids... imo its so foul that shes projecting her past hurts on the son and that should be considered abuse...
  20. BaltimoreLove

    So I'm moving to Baltimore to teach elementary special education.

    Whats up niketalkers. I've been on this forum for many years. Pre yuku all the way to ez baord. I'm currently teaching in Harlem at a school with a super high IEP rate. I got accepted into the Baltimore City Teaching Residency so ill be on my way in late June. For sthe summer training program...
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