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  1. kaws

    BET RapCity 'The Booth' Freestyle Video's

    Post your favourite, most memorable Rapcity's freestyle's Here's some good ones
  2. kaws

    How'd you meet your girlfriend/wife?

    For those who are Married, Getting Married, or been in a relationship for 1+ year. How'd you meet her
  3. kaws

    NT: Late Night Ustream Of the Day

    Hai guis Go check out angelzdope Ustream right now she needs more viewers
  4. kaws

    NT What Do You Look For In A Lady

    Single guys on NT what are some qualities that you look for in a lady? Feel free to share them For me she doesn't have to be super model hot, but looks do help. Mostly I look for a girl that isn't annoying as hell (i.e. someone that shuts up andlets me talk) Also she has to have a sense of...
  5. kaws


    So anyone else sensing a problem with twitter??
  6. kaws

    Gif Request: Cam'ron Cookies and Apple Juice

    If possible can some make a Gif for the part of the video at 1:34
  7. kaws


    For the film junkies, what your thoughts on this movie? I think it's going to be a dope and interesting movie to watch
  8. kaws

    Cleveland Cavaliers Video

    I don't know if this was already posted, but this video has to relate to alot of dudes on Niketalk
  9. kaws

    Star Trek Photos

    Brand New photos from the Star Trek Movie were released here are some of them. These pictures got me a little excited, looks good
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