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  1. lolztrunkz

    ATTN music heads: What's the appropriate amount of money to spend on a beginner's keyboard?

    I've always wanted to learn to play the piano and I guess getting a keyboard would be a good place to start right? But anyway, I got a job now and I can start saving money. Any specific brands to look out for. I'm open to any tips/advice. Thanks.
  2. lolztrunkz

    Is there such a thing called dark R&B?

    I'm looking for songs that have like a chilling/haunting sound to it. Something along the lines of like Who Is It? by Michael Jackson or Brandy's I Tried. Anyone know some songs like that?
  3. lolztrunkz

    Anyone know if high-end/Japanese denim is sold in the Philippines? The cost?

    Or even just basic Levi's STF or Lee denim? My dad is staying there for a month and I was hoping he could pick something up for me. How much do the jeanscost? Thanks in advance.
  4. lolztrunkz

    Any male dental hygienists out there? How is the work and the schooling?

    Do you like the job? What made you want to enter the profession? And did you stop there, or are you continuing school to become a dentist?
  5. lolztrunkz

    Is writing love letters/secret admirer messages a dead art?

    Does anyone still do these things? I was considering writing one, but I'd think the person might get creeped out.
  6. lolztrunkz

    Anyone here listen to Utada Hikaru?

    She released her 2nd English album, This is the One, on March of this year.� I listened to it and it's very different from her Japanese material. This onehad that American sound to it. Tricky, Stargate were the main producers and Utada doing her own writing.� I read she felt that this was her...
  7. lolztrunkz

    QUESTIONNAIRES on online job applications.

    Are you supposed to answer strongly agree/disagree for every question, and just forget about the middle stuff like a simple disagree or agree? Is there a rightway of answering these questions?
  8. lolztrunkz

    Did anyone ever take Counseling classes in college?

    You know those classes where its supposed to help you better understand yourself and help you make a decision in which career path to take. What did you thinkof it, did it actually help you in choosing a career?
  9. lolztrunkz

    So 50 and Jay will drop albums on 9/11... 50 vs Kanye Pt. II? Any predictions on who's going to sell more? I'm not sure if 50 can do 07 numbers, especially during these times.
  10. lolztrunkz

    WHO will play Michael Jackson in a big-budget Hollywood biopic???

    I know it's too soon, but which actor you think can grace the white gloves, black top hat, shiny black shoes, and black outfit. My pick: Johnny Depp Director: Martin Scorsese
  11. lolztrunkz

    Now that the King has passed, who will be the next king? Usher, JTimberlake??

    Prince? Or queen lol. Madonna? Beyonce?
  12. lolztrunkz

    Anyone know where I can get some authentic Mexican food for cheap in the Cerritos/Artesia area?

    I've only been to Tacos Three Amigos, but everything on the menu is in Spanish and so I've only ordered the burrito, which is pretty good itself.Unless someone has been there, maybe you can tell me other items to order.
  13. lolztrunkz

    How many years until T-Mac gets past the first round?

    Will this guy ever get past the first round? Last night he did the very best he could, but buy the time the 4th quarter came, he seemed so fatigued. The teamlooks good on paper, but they just can't get it together.
  14. lolztrunkz

    Is Marvel vs.Capcom 2 for the PS2 available there in the PI?

    Or is it also rare over there? I'm asking because it's rare here in SoCal. (A)|\/|B|T|(0)|\|
  15. lolztrunkz

    Would a brand new pair of Black/Red VII's still be wearable?

    Or is a used pair required to avoid cracking? I'm trying to look for a pair online. Sorry I meant the retro pair of Black/Red VIIs. (A)|\/|B|T|(0)|\|
  16. lolztrunkz

    Anyone have pics of stuffed Nike Air Force Ones?

    I saw some pics a long time ago. I'd like to see them again. (A)|\/|B|T|(0)|\|
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