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  1. calhoun0206


    Hey NT i was wondering if anyone knows where the old backround thread where everybody posted pics of sick backrounds that they had photoshopped orjust sick pictures...i am not sure iif it was in here or in sneaker art or if it was scrapped...if needed please move this mods... i...
  2. calhoun0206

    red laser IV's??!!

    hey NT i was browsing around ISS and i saw this guy who had two piars of undftd's emenems and a pair of red laser IV's i have never even heard of red laser iv's and i dont understand how this guy got so much of this fire...his name is niketyson...if he is a NT member couldyou shed some light...
  3. calhoun0206

    My First Collection post..Im 15

    Hey NT, this is my first collection post...been browsing arround here for about 4-5 months not sure....ive been collecting shoes for about 8 months now and i love pretty new to the game...i buy all my shoes even though im young...on with the kicks Customs i got in LA....only...
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