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  1. big1236

    What's the best home security system?

    My wife and I are in the middle of purchasing a new home, and I wanted to know which home security systems you all hvae. I've tried to do research, but there's so many options out there. There's a pre-existing ADT key pad in the house already so i was thinking of maybe just going with that so...
  2. big1236


    I want to try it, heard it was supposed to be cheaper than Lyft and Uber. When I signed up, it was like a carpool- i thought it was just a driving service like the two mentioned above?
  3. big1236

    Found some comic books I used to collect at my parent's house...

    this was back in the late 80's early 90's and wanted to know what the best website is to see how much these are worth... There isn't a comic book store close to my house where they buy- only sell. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. big1236

    Is Premeire Resellers on Facebook legit? Just wondering. But if it's too good to be true.... probably is....
  5. big1236

    Legit check: black/cement 3s size 9.5

    Please let me know guys. if they're fake, please include reasons... dude wants agreed to 220 for them.....
  6. big1236

    Z NATION: Syfy Channel Saturdays at 10PM

    Anybody else watch the series premiere this past Saturday? I must say, I'm a little intrigued by it and will give it a chance. Can't believe they actually had a Check it out
  7. big1236

    What's a good software to download things from youtube?

    Something that's free and won't give my computer a virus. My daughter loves this one episode of Barney (yes the purple dinosaur) and I can't seem to find it anywhere. Also, my Dad likes this dude who plays the piano and wants to see if I can download the music from his youtube channel and put...
  8. big1236

    What's a good blu-ray player that also....

    streams Netflix, Hulu, youtube, etc.? My main thing is that it has to be wi-fi ready and have a USB port so i can watch movies i've downloaded. I've seen a couple of Sony ones, but i don't know. is there anything better? i don't wanna spend too much on it either. I'm in the market for one...
  9. big1236

    To my NT’ers who know about insects/bugs….

    WTH are these things? Are these some type of beetle or something? I’ve killed about 7 of them within a couple of days around my condo. They started coming out when the HOA people cleaned our windows. I checked the window screens and they put them back securely so I don’t know where these things...
  10. big1236

    How can I hide my IP address?

    Wassup NT brethren, I want to know how to hide my IP address when downloading things via torrent. I know there’s software, but can anyone recommend me some are there that are free or cheap that are reliable? My friend got a couple of actual (not emails) letters about his downloads and I want...
  11. big1236

    Was thinking of getting a mini crossbow

    I want to get a gun to protect the house with, but my wife refuses to get one. Mind you i've taken classes and been to the range countless times, but I see her point- if you have a gun in your home, it will be likely that it can be used against you. Then I was watching the walking dead last...
  12. big1236

    So my Gmail account got hacked into Vol. How can I prove the acct is mine?!?

    Hey NT bretheren- I lost access to my gmail account around the 6th and my contacts have gotten spam emails from that account. I sent the hacked account an email, and it still says my name and has my signature at the bottom. The thing is, they changed the 2 step verification from my cell phone...
  13. big1236

    Price Check- DS 2006 Military IV size 9.5

    Lemme know please!!!
  14. big1236

    Price Check: DS Air Force 180 size 9.5 Olympic edition

    lemme know guys... sorry for the ninjahood sized pics....
  15. big1236

    So who else met Stephen Curry at San Leandro Costco today??

    I know he tweeted it, but for me it was hella random. I was in line to get gas at Costco, and I was checkin my twitter on my phone and saw that he was gonna be there only til 2 so I just got outta line and went in. Dude was cool, said some pleasantries, got my Dubs shirt autographed and kept...
  16. big1236

    Alright, who felt another tremor?

    Heard it was centered around San leandro again. just happened about 10-15 mins ago.....
  17. big1236

    Going to Seattle for the weekend vol. It's our anniversary...

    Wassup NT fam, It's my 1 year wedding anniversary on Sunday so the wifey and I decided to take a weekend trip to Seattle since we've never been there. We can't do something more extravagant due limited funds with her going to nursing school and only working part time. We're getting there on...
  18. big1236

    Best Strip Club in SF?

    I did a search and the only thread i could find was from back in '07 so i thought I'd make a new one. My boy is gettin married on Tuesday at SF city hall, he said he didn't want a bachelor party but I thought I'd take him out for a mini bachelor party or whatever anyway. Are there any good...
  19. big1236

    NT: Recommend me a good book to read Vol: Yes, people still read...

    Wassup guys- I've gotten kinda bored with all the Netflix stuff so I need a good book to read during my lunch hour. Any suggestions?
  20. big1236

    What happened to

    I tried going on it before I register for classes at Cal State Hayward, but it looks like it's down. Anybody know what happened?
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