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  1. jdiddy931

    *Cheap* NBA Jerseys!

    I forgot the rules.
  2. jdiddy931

    Ayo are the Suns the only team to....

    post videos in the locker room after and before playoff games? They been doing this for awhile now, and I think it's cool to see videos like this. After game 4 Back to Phoenix, fans welcome them Watch the first video at 2:35 - Gentry tells Hill, "I'll choke you if you leave him...
  3. jdiddy931

    Who has the deepest bench in the NBA?

    For past years the Suns have had one of the worst benches ever !!!!! They're bench is very solid now. I don't mean they're one of the tops but I'm happy to see them finally have a decent bench. That's what made me think of this question. Who's the best? I say Orlando, or Dallas BTW...
  4. jdiddy931

    Chris Paul out 1-2 Months..

    New Orleans All-Star point guard Chris Paul(notes) will undergo arthroscopic surgery for a cartilage tear in his left knee on Monday and could miss one to two months, sources close to Paul told Yahoo! Sports on Sunday night. Paul injured the knee in the final moments of regulation in a loss to...
  5. jdiddy931

    Suns blow another lead.

    up 24 to pacers and lose. Kerr needs to do something quick and I believe he will
  6. jdiddy931

    Suns just got screwed.

    Tim Donaghy must have a mask on....
  7. jdiddy931

    This video always pumps me up for a NBA Season

    It's kinda old but I love watching it! Post videos that pumps you guys up.. TNT is good at it!
  8. jdiddy931

    Amaré to Warriors for Curry, Biedrins, Wright and/or Belinelli?

    Curry pick part of likely Amare deal 89 commentsby Paul Coro - Jun. 25, 2009 05:52 PM The Arizona Republic The Suns likely landed their man in Thursday night's draft before their pick ever came up. Golden State's selection of Davidson point guard Stephen Curry at No. 7 was likely...
  9. jdiddy931

    Karma loop code?

    anybody got text today about the code? I just deleted it on accident Thanks guys
  10. jdiddy931

    Please help the Suns fans out!! Please guys. It'll mean a lot guys. Just do it.
  11. jdiddy931

    Wow.. Amare does not deserve to start at Allstar Game.

    As of late, he's been horrible. Hopefully this pumps uphis play to look like an allstar. It has to be because the game is in Phoenix. Notes: Amaré is voted All-Star Game starter 19 commentsby Paul Coro - Jan. 21, 2009 10:06 PM The Arizona Republic NEW YORK - Suns star Amaré Stoudemire...
  12. jdiddy931

    Yo Why Do the Cavs Got The Record They Have?

    Can somebody let me know why the Cavs are as good as people say they are? Lebron is doing is thing but other then him..... ? 27-6??? This team looks like the lakers team before they were explosive, and they're second in the East?!
  13. jdiddy931

    1st round in the West is going to be crazy!

    New Orleans vs Denver Nuggets LA Lakers vs Dallas Mavericks San Antonio Spurs vs Phx Suns Utah Jazz vs Houston Rockets This is how it looks right now and if it turns out to be this way then .. Anybody can win in the West
  14. jdiddy931

    All NBA team-- Amare Over Dwight?

    Marc Stein chooses Amare over Dwight Let the hate begin. Season-ending award ballots arrived from the league office this week, but we're sticking to the usual schedule. The choices made at Stein Line HQwill be revealed on the final Friday of the regular season. Except for one category. We...
  15. jdiddy931

    Suns at Portland - The Shaq Stand up Comedy Show

    hey guys I just wanted to point out that Shaq had 16 points, 15 boards, 5 asts, 3 blocks, and 2 stls. What happened to all the Shaq haters?
  16. jdiddy931

    Suns at Portland

    hey guys I just wanted to point out that Shaq had 16 points, 15 boards, 5 asts, 3 blocks, and 2 stls. What happened to all the Shaq haters?
  17. jdiddy931

    Amare doesn't go to practice because of "personal reasons"

    he's probably mad about not getting the dang ball from last nights game.. bring scott skiles back.
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