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  1. chihigh91

    Lost my iPhone, anything I can do?

    Basically, I lost my iPhone. My friend said I left it at his house, then when I came by to pick it up, it wasn't there anymore.  I tried calling it but the battery was dead, I tried using Find My iPhone but the battery was dead. Anything I can do before I start raiding his place to look for it? 
  2. chihigh91

    UMM...Who is this??!

    \ Name please?  Face of a ten year old but bewbs of a goddess! 
  3. chihigh91

    Should I ask my good friend out?

    So I know it's Wed night but here's the story, I got this good friend of mine known her for like 4+ years. I asked her out when I first met her but it didn't work out.  Recently, I started catching feelings and I want to ask her out, we hooked up a couple times before and last time I called her...
  4. chihigh91


    0:28 edit: Just that whole sequence before the bite is so (00:23-00:30). How she longingly stares into the camera as if she is passionately glaring into my eyes longing for some sweet sex.
  5. chihigh91

    School me on refurbished laptops.

    I'm about to buy a laptop but I'm looking at the price and specs of some of these refurbished laptops and it's making me  My friend said not to buy refurbished laptops because viruses could run deep and if the laptop had problems in the past then why would it not have problems now? But then my...
  6. chihigh91

    Do online job applications work?

    I'm looking for a part-time anywhere until I transfer to a new school in nine months. I've probably filled out 50+ since the New Year started and have not gotten any callbacks.  Do I just suck or what?  Should I try calling in a few days after my application and asking them if they received my...
  7. chihigh91

    Can we get a Niketalk "Like" posts feature like from Facebook?

    It would really help my e-swag out and I know a lot of you would like this post if we had that feature on NT. /signed.
  8. chihigh91

    I think I want to ask my best friend out vol good idea or bad idea?

    So I've this friend since high school.  We've known each other for about five years now, we're pretty much bffs for life. Anyway, the way we met in high school was because I asked her out on a date and we went out on one date, had a good time, but it didn't work out because I got back with my...
  9. chihigh91

    Check out my boys EP or die

    My homie just released his EP and a video.  I actually think it's pretty original and decent, it's a compilation of his instrumentals.  Just give it a quick listen! Check out the review, video and download link on HERE. Constructive criticism is welcome. 
  10. chihigh91

    NT would you go back to prom again?

    So the deal is...I'm two years out of high school.  This cute girl asked me to prom last week, I wasn't really feeling it but I said yes anyway.  Question is: would you ever go back to prom again? If it matters, I was supposed to graduate 2009 but graduated in 2008 because I skipped a year...
  11. chihigh91

    I'm at the hospital...

    And I can't get on facebook!  The hospital wifi has "social networking" blocked out.  I then tried to be smart and google a proxy, then boom: "proxy" is blocked out too.  Any solution my internet savvy NTers?! And no, INS tonight.  Also CALI>NY.  And the nurse has DAT MASS, no pics.
  12. chihigh91

    Anyone ever get a red light ticket? (Cali)

    Just got this in the mail, I saw the video and I rolled a right turn.  Ticket is for $510, anyone ever try fighting it or trying to get it lowered?  It's not like I ran the red light though, I just rolled a right turn, could I argue that to the judge? INB4 NY>CALI.
  13. chihigh91

    The Greatest Feelings in the World Thread VOL. [/nt virgin] POON LULZ [nt virgin]

    When you're looking for something and you finally find it (remote, keys, dog). Fresh haircut. Fresh out the shower. When you smile at a girl and she smiles back. Someone quoting me on NT. Getting a random text/call from a girl you didn't expect it from. Holding the door open for someone and...
  14. chihigh91

    People using internet words in real life Unappreciation

    Was talking to my homie today talking about the party tonight and he was like "many lulz willbe had" I just him prettyhard (pause). And a couple weeks ago, my boss complimented our hard work by saying "you guys pwned those deliveries." Many will be had for users of internet talk.
  15. chihigh91

    Celebs that look alike vol. 591

    Mims and Heinz Ward Conan O'Brien and President of Finland Tarja Halonen Zooey Deschanel () and KatyPerry Lady Gaga and chick from the Ting Tings (I swear their music sounds the same too)
  16. chihigh91

    I have a job interview for K-Mart tomorrow...

    I have never worked retail, what should I wear and what questions should I expect? Oh and what should I bring as far as papers etc? and smh at me, the interview is at noon tomorrow which is bam right in the middle of my classschedule. oh and I'll hook you guys up on Al Harringtons if I get the job.
  17. chihigh91

    I think my friend wants me...

    I have this friend since high school, Ive known her for almost 4 years now and we met because I had a crush on her back in high school, anyway recentlyshe's changed around me. We've been joking around and she calls me her husband because she said if we weren't married in 20 years that we...
  18. chihigh91

    I don't have a major...FML

    I started out as a psychology major, then changed it up to engineering now I'm thinking of transferring into Sociology. I've talked to my counselorbut he was the one who suggested Engineering earlier.. #*!% anyway, are there any good resources online to help me figure out a good major based on...
  19. chihigh91

    Yo NT, my mom effed up. PICS

    So I just came home from work and there was a guy leaving the house: Mexican about 5'8" looking extra happy like Glen Davis. Anyway I come in thehouse and ask my mom who that was and she said it was a salesman. Turns out she just spent $1800 on a damn vacuum cleaner. The salesman probably...
  20. chihigh91

    Yo NT am i %%!%+@?

    I got a speeding ticket in december for 85 on a 65. Anyway, I completely forgot about it and I thought something would come in the mail or something. Anyway,fast forward to today, I found the ticket and I missed the court date which was on February 10. So NT, am i $@%$%#? Anything I can do...
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