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  1. captainspaulding

    Nike please release these Huaraches again

    [ URL=][/URL] CAme out in 06 I believe a foot action exclusive Remember when I first saw these it was a must cop wish I wouldve got 3 pair
  2. captainspaulding confessions... to laugh or not to laugh ????

    984742427 For the longest time, I wondered if it would be a good idea to pull the screen off my room’s window and try peeing into the front yard. I finally did so recently but my aim was not what I had planned and now my window sill smells like piss.  
  3. captainspaulding

    Anyone noticing leaves changing colors / falling as if it were autumn already ???

    was in pontiac, michigan yesterday and seen a few naked trees and also yellowish/brown leaves
  4. captainspaulding

    Mike Brown commentating tonight *palms face*

    Im really not listening too hard to critique the situation but i know im not the only 1 that heard this guy say and I quote  "I thought Paul Pierce just glided from the free throw line for that dunk "  i turned to the tv like this guy need some new eye glass get ups if he seein this kinda...
  5. captainspaulding

    Sports Talk Radio hosts Appreciation/ Unappreciation

    Jim Rome  his pauses make me laugh for some reason Jt the Brick and Tom Looney holier than thou im better than you programming then complain when nobody calls Petros and Money is annoying Tony Bruno is ok but boring at times Ben Maller  is the GOAT he get the wackiest callers quite...
  6. captainspaulding

    Nba Jam and Nba 2k online

    i love nba games more than any other sport but i only enjoy whooping up on other people i think my player is lame so online battles is my steez EAs jam sucks because people just pull the plug and i get the loss  on top of that getting a good match is 1/10 chance as far as 2k what happened to...
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  8. captainspaulding

    Richard Hamilton missing piece for Dallas?

    Since trade rumors Rip aint been playing just wasted talent i think the perfect fit would be with Dirk and JKidd All he need is a pg to set him up off them curls and it would be like playing with Chauncey and Sheed again IMO it would be an upgrade from Jason Terry Do it Joe
  9. captainspaulding

    First dead birds, then dead fish ... now crickets

    First dead birds, then dead fish ... now crickets - U.S. news - Environment -
  10. captainspaulding

    TOP TEN MIXTAPES in 2010

    Its been alot of heat dropped mixtape wise this year i couldnt even keep the list at 5 alot of u groupies gon be mad at my top 5 but oh well i have 0 bias towards any rapper 1. Ross set the summer off with fresh bangers stepped up the flow deserves 1st spot. 2. downloaded outta curiosity...
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  12. captainspaulding

    Am I the only person that go in a room looking for something then forget what it was

    i sat on the couch on the laptop went in the basement to get the batteries for the remote got in the basement and went blank stood there really thinking hard why did i come down here got back to laptop and tv and said oh yeah
  13. captainspaulding

    FOOD GAME ON LOCK! Whats your fast food crack after dark

    been manglin them dunkin donut breakfast wraps 2 in da mornin lately thanx to da good ol crystal widow if i dont feel like driving too far
  14. captainspaulding

    Hold up, Mr Hood Hop J Kwon then dropped a new album

    █ 01. Ghetto (Feat. Gino Green) 3:32 ████ 02. Get 'Em (Feat. Gino Green) 3:06 ████ 03. Name & Number (Feat. Rudy & Gino Green) 3:34 ████ 04. Back To The Money (Feat. Gino Green)...
  15. captainspaulding

    Best freestyle battles from the last 10 years

    Rap battles were major with the smack dvd series But the 1 battle that stands out the most will always be STYLIN ON YOU Best actual battle to me was the Jae Millz vs Castro with Puffy on the sideline that battle was classic
  16. captainspaulding


    i dont internet all daylike yall do i have a life my bad
  17. captainspaulding

    ECW on TNN throwback appreciation

    I remember I was channel surfing sometime late 90's and ran across ECW on TNN and was immediately The most raw wrestling violence i ever witnessed every match was highly entertaining and classic
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