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  1. mr whomp whomp

    Anybody else feel rotten for things you did as a child/teen?

    -stealing money from my folks -framing my brother for my dirty deeds -playing in ppl's food -trying to ice down neighbor's steps in the winter -dousing passing cars with water in the summertime -roughhousing females yeah I know I got something vicious coming
  2. mr whomp whomp

    The Sandlot appreciation vol. oiling lotioning smiling

    Squints = G status
  3. mr whomp whomp

    Tracks being too short unappreciated vol. home is where the hatred is

    Post tracks that are but get a X because of the length. - "my way home" off late registration - "rollin rollin" off bigger than the mayor
  4. mr whomp whomp

    ? about getting rejected

    Would you prefer a female told you the truth e.g. "I'm not interest in you/ I don't find you attractive" or a cover up e.g. "I'm a+@%#+/ I have a boyfriend?" I was arguing with a couple friends about this after watching that True Life episode about peer pressure and how big dudespazzed out on...
  5. mr whomp whomp

    Am I the only grown man.......

    who still eats Teddy Grahams?
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