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  1. mw2889

    Before there was Distant Relatives and Watch The Throne...there was this

    One of the most influential projects of our time. Discuss
  2. mw2889

    Does anyone know what sample this is? ????
  3. mw2889

    Would Nike give me a voucher for this problem with my XX3's?

    I've been playing basketball in my XX3's for the past couple of weeks and yesterday I noticed that the sole is starting to peel off. It peeled backfurther today. Heres a picture that doesn't really do any justice to how far back it has peeled. When I'm playing it bunches up.
  4. mw2889

    Jordan III Question (Strange pair of III's) Possible countdown package...

    First of all, sorry if this was already posted... I was at SNYX shoe store in Chicago and they had a new Jordan display that Nike came in and set-up in the store. It was a touch-screen display that showed allof the Air Jordans on it similar to The odd thing was that they had a...
  5. mw2889

    Official Chicago Bulls Vs. Boston Celtics

    The Bulls have won 4 of 5 and are finally starting to breakout. I believe the Bulls will win.
  6. mw2889

    Official Chicago Bulls @ Detroit Pistons

    Won 3 of the last 4, hopefully we can keep it up.
  7. mw2889

    Official Chicago Bulls vs. Dallas Mavericks

    Going for 3 in a row, let's go BULLS!
  8. mw2889

    Chicago Bulls @ Los Angeles Clippers 11/17

    This is an important 2 game Los Angeles stretch, if the bulls play like they did on Thursday, they'll win.
  9. mw2889

    Are fire red v's still anywhere in Chicago?

    In like a size 12. TEAM BEN GORDON 7 MEMBER 1
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