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  1. whos killian

    VIDEO **Fresh new music out comin out of Orlando, These dudes gonna blow up!!**

    Sup NT Fam, lemme introduce you to some of my good homies Kev Taylor and Myles Acosta. First track released, trying to get some constructive criticism and an over all view of what yall think. Happy 4th of July Someone help me embed this tho 
  2. whos killian

    Official Happy B day to Me! Vol. 21

    This is it, the big 2-1.  Gettin it in tonight
  3. whos killian

    Still early, but how's everyones 2010 so far?

    Its just flying by.
  4. whos killian

    DMX going into MMA..

    Not sure if this has been posted.. but it should be interesting "By Roman Wolfe Rap star DMX will step into the ring against musician Eric Martinez this December, on the under card of the Tank Abbott/ Butterbean fight...
  5. whos killian


    Thanx. AIM-Lukycharmdude
  6. whos killian

    Gators Dockside WINGS Appreciation! O_O

    I dont know if they have these all around the south east.. But in Central Florida.. On monday nights... All you can eat wings for like 7.99 :eek :eek :eek :eek . Im about to head out now :hat Anyone else agree? Gators Wings make me :D ESPECIALLY terryaki :eek AIM-Lukycharmdude...
  7. whos killian

    Black/Caro 5s in Orlando! WHERE u gonna be?

    Mens Closet? FA? Lemme knooww. ill be around town! Aim=Lukycharmdude
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