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  1. rrlegend

    anybody had or know somebody with thats gotten lasik surgery?

    thinking about geting it done what is the usual recovery time and has anybody heard of any mishaps or anything out the ordinary with this operation?
  2. rrlegend

    Most popular gif ??

    i nominate good ole jack its good for everything  " i just got paid " " i just got scammed" " i just smashed draya " also weebay bryce my g  " they out of tater salad how bout slaw ?"
  3. rrlegend

    Your the gm and owner o your favorite team what moves do you make ?

    Celtics  Trade garnett for deandre and bledsoe ( if that doesnt work get one of rondos boys smith or perk) after acquiring bledsoe try to flip him for eric gordon to have some scoring ( would help the pelicans too) keep pierce  Saints  get rid of colston  Marlins  sell the team 
  4. rrlegend

    Worst mgmt in sports?

    I still go with matt millen  The 10 Worst Draft Picks of the Matt Millen Era | Bleacher Report But it seems his mike is giving him a run for his money. 
  5. rrlegend

    Does anyone here own a 300

    In the market for a new car I currently own a 2007 328i with 121k on it. I bought straight cash in 2007 and been riding the hell out of it since. Looking at getting something new in may or June and the new styled 300 caught me eye. Anybody with experience with them or any knowledge to drop...
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