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  1. young br3ad

    All Nighter Halloween Party Saturday Oct 29th

    Please join us this weekend 
  2. young br3ad

    SellYaSoles Legit????

    Anyone know if this site is legit? Any help is appreciated...
  3. young br3ad

    America's Best Wings...... Ever since I got put on to this place I go at least once a week... Everything is good from the wings to the fish and shrimp... Lemon pepper wings and hot old bay wings>>>>> very inexpensive too... They have one right off 202 by the applebees...
  4. young br3ad

    Tattoo Cover up for an Interview

    NT Fam.... I have an interview on Monday for a supervisor position at a pretty large medical company... Question... Does anyone know something I can get to cover up a tattoo that won't rub off on my clothing and will stay on for a few hours?? I would need to get something in store... no time...
  5. young br3ad

    Working two jobs....

    Have any NTers done it? How was it? How long did you last working two jobs?? I work Monday-Friday 7:30-4 and I just started a part time job last night... The part time will be Mon, Tues, Weds and Friday 5-9:30. Saturday 3-9. I know it's going to be rough. The hardest part for me will be...
  6. young br3ad

    Doctor Shot at Johns Hopkins hospital
  7. young br3ad

    Hostage Situation in Silver Spring, Maryland

    Asian male is holding hostages in the Discovery building in Silver Spring, Maryland. He is said to have a fully automatic weapon and a bomp strapped to him. There is a live stream on
  8. young br3ad

    Need New Brake Pads

    I have a 2007 Nissan Maxima and I need new front and back brakes... What are the best brand of brake pads to get??? Any help is greatly appreciated...
  9. young br3ad

    NT Fathers of Baby Girls vol. Christmas Help

    Not one to start too many threads but I have noticed there are quite a few NTers with Daughters. Here is my situation. My Baby girl is a little over a month old now and I have been looking everywhere to find her a dress to wear for Christmas but I'mnot having too much luck. Anyone know where I...
  10. young br3ad

    How Does NT Feel about One of the Greatest to ever do it...

    Scarface??? Face has been in the game for 2 decades and has dropped nothing but quality music... I threw in The Fix this morning on my way to work and listened to some of the realest #!%$ ever... Jay and Nas on the same album in 2002 ... Scarface storytelling ... Personally he is my...
  11. young br3ad

    Driving Under the Influence

    I have a friend who has to go to court tomorrow for his 3rd DWI (not learning from your mistakes FTL) but he could end up doing some time. I have been in the car with him on may occasions while we were drunk leaving the club, bars, ect... Always made it home safe. Even on the night he caught 1...
  12. young br3ad

    Belt Sizing????

    I see a belt that I want to order online but I'm not sure what size to get. I wear a 31 waist in jeans and they fit me perfect. So what size should Iorder for a belt? 32, 34, 36??? Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Bread
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