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  1. peter80warrick

    Awful Customer Service at RuVilla. Poor Customer Service and Website Flaws

    Details on the awful customer service I received at RuVilla: I am writing in regard to the VILLA customer service for an order or lack thereof that I have received in relations to my order that was placed on 11/28/2014. I have detailed below the interactions I have had via email (thou I never...
  2. peter80warrick

    Debt Free?

    Wanted to see if any of the Niketalkers out there are 100% debt free. My wife and I are debt free other than our mortgage and on target to pay that off in 17 years instead of 30, owe about 205k on it. Fully paid for 05 Accord and 07 F-150. I do use credit cards for rewards but they are paid in...
  3. peter80warrick

    Sports Memorabilia

    Did not see a thread around sports memorabilia so thought I would get it started. Will post more in time but would love to see some of the NT Collections
  4. peter80warrick

    Cowboy Boots - Need Niketalk Help

    I have to buy cowboy boots for a wedding I am in next month. They need to be medium brown. Anyone on Niketalk rock cowboy boots and can provide any suggestions?
  5. peter80warrick

    LC Sz 9.5 Solar Red Yeezys

    Wanted to know if these are legit. being offered them in a trade.
  6. peter80warrick

    [Best Buy]*In-Store Only* SAVE $50¹ ON ANY PURCHASE OF $100 OR MORE. Valid 1/21/13–1/27/13. Exclusio

    [Best Buy]*In-Store Only* SAVE $50¹ ON ANY PURCHASE OF $100 OR MORE. Valid 1/21/13–1/27/13. Exclusions Apply 13729-2_MasterCardPromo_Coupon_final.pdf (130k. pdf file) Despite so many exclusions, I have full faith in Niketalks that they will find this as one of the best deals To qualify...
  7. peter80warrick

    Best Slim Cut Dress Shirt?

    Been working in a corporate office for the past 6 years and am tired of always buying the baggy/non-fitted dress shirts. Wanted to see what everyone recommends for a good Slim Cut Dress Shirt. I am in 6'4 181 pounds, so want something that is fitted in the chest, but long enough to tuck in...
  8. peter80warrick

    What is on your Bucket List?

    Been thinking a lot over the past few weeks about what I want to do in life and what I want to experience. About me, 27, married for almost 5 years, have a great job and a great house. Things on my bucket list: 1.Visit all 7 continents 2. Work in another country 3. Live in another country...
  9. peter80warrick

    Anyone got a Memory Foam Mattress? Vol. Good night sleep

    The wife and I are looking to upgrade to a King mattress and saw the Serta King Ascot Lane Memory Foam Mattress at HHGregg this weekend for 881 for Mattress and Box Spring. I wanted to see if anyone had any experience with them? We are upgrading from a Serta Firm Queen mattress.  Product...
  10. peter80warrick

    What are you getting the wifey/old lady for Christmas?

    Gentlemen, I wanted to see what everyone had planned to get the  wifey/old lady for Christmas? Wanted to get the shopping done early this year. Our anniversary is on the 30th of December and I already have a necklace for that event.
  11. peter80warrick

    New Whip Pickup: 2007 F-150 SuperCrew Lariat Lifted

    All, Picked this up in Pittsburgh this weekend. Flew up from Charlotte to get it. Copped it for 19k, KBB on it is 25.5 Features Day Star Lift Kit 33 inch Tires Black Leather 6-CD Player, Ipod Cable, Premium Sound Heated Seats Sunroof Billet Grille  
  12. peter80warrick -> Yummy

    Cheeseburger Pizza Deep Fried Cheeseburger
  13. peter80warrick

    New Tattoo

    Just wanted to post my new Ink from Thursday. The cross is for my uncle and grandfather who passed away last year And the RULE is for my last name Chris Stuart at Ace did it for me. Cost 180 for the cross and Rule
  14. peter80warrick

    Tattoo Shops in Charlotte, NC

    Anyone know of any good shops in charlotte, NC. I am looking to get the following stuff done: was wondering if Niketalk could help me out with the designs for the tattoos I am looking to get. I am a terrbile artist and I know a lot of people on Niketalk are good artist. I am looking to get...
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