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  1. spidermachine916

    oh 4chan... you guys crack me up!
  2. spidermachine916

    Death Valley

    on MTV Mondays 10:30pm anyone watch this? looks pretty good, kinda like cops but with a supernatural twist i will continue watching this at Kristen fighting while the 2 cops are looking at pron
  3. spidermachine916

    NT, what socks you rockin?

    lately i've been buying socks from Target, and i keep getting holes in the heel area, my job requires me to wear boots. every 2-3 times i wear a pair i have to discard them because of the holes. can anyone recommend me so good quality socks?
  4. spidermachine916

    NT do you gamble? if so...

    what's the game you guys play at the casino that you have the best luck/skill in? for me recently i've discovered that roulette is my game... i hear the odds are like 47-47% of winning/losing, i'm always coming up in thatgame and i really don't get the card games so much.
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