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  1. manposite

    DS 2013 AJ 1 Bred Legit Check

    Any opinions on these? Size 11 fyi.. thanks/reps! thx again!
  2. manposite

    Price Check - DS 2013 AJ 1 Bred / Royals 10.5-11

    NT gurus, what is the standard current price one should expect tp pay for DS authentic '13 Bred AJ 1 sz10.5-11 w/receipt, box etc? about DS '13 Royals, 10.5-11, etc? I'm seeing roughly a 5 bill discrepancy from high to low n wanna know sooner than later what sorta deal is actually...
  3. manposite

    2013 AJ 1 Black/Red sz 11 legit check

    As always, much appreciated.. reps! Thanks NT.
  4. manposite

    2013 Black/Red AJ1 legit check

    ...that damb lace bag is looking suspect to me.. any opinions? Thanks!
  5. manposite

    2013 Royal AJ1 10.5 legit check

    Hey, just hoping one of the sleuths around here can validate the authenticity of this pair of royals. ..any insight is appreciated! Thank you!
  6. manposite

    2013 AJ1 royal legit check!

    size 11 ...any feedback is much appreciated! Thanks!
  7. manposite

    Holiday 04' Air Jordan X retro- please read page 11......

    Hey, 'TIMBO13' and I hope you have a great 4th of July and we'd like to give you a hint to an upcoming retro as a present... BRB Thanks
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