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  1. soleaddict34

    More Air Prestos?

    What happened to this shoe? This was one of the shoes Nike brought back recently that I looked forward to seeing more of.  I got into the minimal running trend a few years ago and have changed my running style to a more forefoot/midfoot running to decrease knee and back injuries. The Prestos are...
  2. soleaddict34

    OGesque BW Classics October 2010?

    Courtesy These are looking pretty sick. Probably gonna be a Euro/Asia release since we still haven't seen any decent BWs here in the states. Here's hoping they drop here.
  3. soleaddict34

    Nike ACG 7Dials

    Been searching for a winter shoe that's got GoreTex and doesn't look like I'm about to go hiking and came across the ACG 7Dials. Been searching allover for these, but apparently only available in the UK. Thought I'd see if anyone has any connects or suggestions. from Nike site...
  4. soleaddict34

    Identify these High Tops Please?

    Can someone identify these joints? Looks to be early 90's?
  5. soleaddict34

    Air Max 90 Trainer 1

    Your thought on this hybrid? courtesy
  6. soleaddict34

    Air Max Light 09?

    Are these AM Lights scheduled to release this year? And the big question...are we gonna get them here? Let's hope so.
  7. soleaddict34

    Nike's 2009 Hybrid madness continues...

    Sorry if already posted but the hybrid mess continues strong in '09 And calling interesting concept the AM1 mashed up with the AT1, but the byproduct looks odd for some reason
  8. soleaddict34

    Nike Shoe Wallpaper.

    I created a wallpaper for my LG Dare from some pieces I've done in the past thought I'd share with you guys.
  9. soleaddict34

    Air Digs-WMNS

    A very "90s" style shoe for volleyball reminiscent of the Air Tech Challenge II. I'd like to see an OG mens colorway drop. OG mens OG womens
  10. soleaddict34

    *Nike Free Everyday+*

    I'm thinking about iDing up a pair and just wanted some reviews/opinions on this shoe from those who have them. Sizing, comfort, etc. They'll beused mainly for training. Thanks in advance.
  11. soleaddict34

    Nike iD AM90 customization

    Used "FabricMate" markers Before After They came out pretty good. The nubuck mudguard is still soft and they're not as shiny in person as the pics make them out to be.
  12. soleaddict34

    New WMNS Air Stab

    Best Stab I've seen in a minute.
  13. soleaddict34

    Re-actions to Obama's Philadelphia Speech?

    Anybody have the chance to watch it? sorry I don't know how to link YouTube videos. I thought he did a great job in distancing himself from Wright's "radical" views while not throwing him under the bus. Your thoughts?
  14. soleaddict34

    **New HULK teaser trailer**

    NT slacking, nobody's posted this yet? What do you think of the new Hulk? Looks more ripped and meaner. Apparently the CGI isn't completely done so hopefully it looks better. Old Hulk New Hulk
  15. soleaddict34

    **Air Max Inspired Court Forces**

    Courtesy of I'm kinda feeling the AM1 and AM90 inspired joints, need to see more pics tho. AM1 AM90 AM97
  16. soleaddict34

    **G.I. Joe Movie cast**so far

    Byeong-Heon Lee -Storm Shadow Ray Park-Snake Eyes Sienna Miller-The Baroness Rachel Nichols-Scarlett
  17. soleaddict34

    Top 10 Worst Professional Athlete Shoe Deals Man, I had a pair of those Dominique Wilkins Brooks joints, I miss those shoes!
  18. soleaddict34

    "Rain Camo" WILL be on the upcoming Air Structures!!!

    ...according to what I read on SneakerFiles. Hopefully this is not true.
  19. soleaddict34

    Air Stab Art and Templates

    I'm a big fan of the Air Stab, so I drew up my Nike wishlist colorway. I've also included a blank for y'all to have at. PM me if you want theIllustrator file.
  20. soleaddict34

    PhotoShopped AirJordanOasis

    So my current favorite shoe lately is the Air Oasis and my all time favorite is the blk/cement AJ III so I did this bad boy up. Like a lot of heads I'm waiting on JB to retro the blk/cmt IIIs(even tho the quality of recent retros have been subpar) and I don't want to pay rape prices on eBay for...
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