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  1. jer23

    Jordan 1 Homage 2 Home legit check x 2

    I recently purchased two pairs of Homage 2 Homes, a sz 13 and 14 on FB and ebay respectively. Both look pretty good to me, but i’m certainly no expert on 1s and there are slight differences between the two pairs which could simply be due to size and natural irregularities, or maybe something...
  2. jer23

    Where can I find a comprehensive list of national sneaker cons / events by month?

    You'd think all of the big kicks news sites would have a dedicated area with a calendar of events happening around the country, and that may exist, but i'm having a whole lot of trouble finding it. I'm looking for a place that'll say, for the month of july there are events on these days in...
  3. jer23

    Kicks Collector Tees - $5 sneaker t-shirts - Kickstarter campaigned just launched!

    Kicks Collector Tees from $5! Tons of classic sneaker-inspired T-shirts! Kickstarter campaign just launched:
  4. jer23

    Legit Check: lebron 9 Cannon

    Legit check please, sz 13 lebron 9 canons
  5. jer23

    LC: big bang lebrons Much appreciated...
  6. jer23

    Brand New Uber Rare Nike Air / Bernhard Willhelm track suit sz XL

    Rare new Nike / Bernhard Willhelm xl tracksuit $950 shipped via paypal Will trade for (deadstock only, sz 12-13): Posites, 11s, Lebrons, zvezdochkas, Pennys, Griffeys, Air Max, nike gift cards Wanted: Lebron 9 Cannon and Big Bang, Shooting Stars Pack, Lebron 10 'what the?', Foamposite and...
  7. jer23

    Nike ID Question

    there's a couple people on ebay that have 20% off coupons that they say they work on IDs. I was always under the impression that nike didn't offer any discount on IDs. Is the coupon legit / can be used or not? thanks, J.
  8. jer23

    Foamposites, Jordans and more on TV - Wed at 9pm on Travel Channel

    This Wed at 9pm on the Travel Channel they'll be airing a new, special episode of 'Toy Hunter' in which the toy hunters are not only looking for toys, but also vintage kicks for Vanilla Ice. I'm a long-time sneaker collector with over 600 pairs and a special love for Foamposites, flightposites...
  9. jer23

    Possible BIG NEWS on Yeezy 3 / new Adidas line from Kanye

    Last night Kanye West was on Seth Meyers. I have a friend who works on the set design for the show and gets to work with a lot of the music talent to create their vision if they want a particular backdrop or light graphics, etc. He has met Kanye several times whilst working on other shows. My...
  10. jer23

    ds air force 25 STEELERS sz 11 black and yellow

    For sale is a pair of sz 11 air force 25. $100 via paypal + $12 shipping via parcel post. email if you're interested. will trade for POSITES (Foam, Flight, Hyper), Pennys, Lebrons and Jordan XIs; DS ONLY sz 12-13
  11. jer23

    Nike Air Vis Zoom Uptempo sz 12- worn once 15 years ago!

    original pair of nike air vis zoom uptempos in a sz 12 worn once when i first got them, been sitting ever since! $225 obo + $20 shipping
  12. jer23

    vintage and deadstock sz 12 Jordan XV low white / red

    for sale is a deadstock pair of sz 12 jordan XV white / red $385 obo + $15 shipping
  13. jer23

    vintage and deadstock sz 11 Red / Black Shox VC

    for sale is a deadstock pair of sz 11 shox Vince Carters from 2001 $325 obo + $15 shipping
  14. jer23

    vintage and deadstock sz 11 Shox VC

    for sale is a deadstock pair of sz 11 shox Vince Carters from 2001 $325 obo
  15. jer23

    who can i report urban account stores price gouging to?

    I'm located in FL where there's only 2 urban account stores within 100 miles of me. up until a yr or so ago these stores didn't play games; kicks were sold the day they were supposed to at retail. now, they're selling white foams 2+ weeks before they're release for $400 and breds for $300...
  16. jer23

    FS or Trade: OG Penny 1/2 cent sz 12

    looking to sell my ds sz 12 1/2 cents $250 + $15 shipping or, trade for penny (s), foamposite, flightposite, hyperposite, penny, zoom rookie, 1/2 cent.
  17. jer23

    FS: 2 pairs of DS sz 13 Jordan 2012 ; or trade for your foams, pennys, etc

    looking to sell two pairs of sz 13 jordan 2012s new in box with no box top (from outlet) both pairs for $180 + $20 shipping or, trade for penny (s), foamposite, flightposite, hyperposite, penny, zoom rookie, 1/2 cent.
  18. jer23

    Trade: my sz 12 Camo Hyperposites for your Penny V Dolphins (or other posites)

    looking to trade my ds pair of sz 12 camo hyperposite for a pair of ds penny V dolphins (+ you cover shipping both ways) or other foamposite, flightposite, hyperposite, penny, zoom rookie, 1/2 cent. or, i'd sell them for $215 + $15 shipping i'll be heading on vacation sunday and would like...
  19. jer23

    FS: brand new sz 11 Flightposite III BG - or trade for sz 12-13 foams, pennys, other posites

    i've got a brand new pair of sz 11 flightposite 3 BGs without a box. $300 + $15 shipping via paypal (or $285 cash and carry in seacoast NH) will trade for deadstock sz 12-13 foamposite (s), flightposite 1s (especially TBs), zoom rookie, 1/2 cent, penny, hyperposite and the like
  20. jer23

    Anyone have pics of the original Foamposite postcard from Summer '97?

    I've been looking for this image for awhile now and can't seem to find it anywhere. It's the original foams on a basketball court. I was hoping to put it on a large canvas for a christmas present for a friend, so any help would be much appreciated (and, the bigger the better)! J.
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