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  1. joesarge

    NT Photoshoppers...Can I get 30 minutes of your time for $30?

    I'm a mentor for a local high school program. I'm supposed to make the year-end completion certificate, but I all I can really do is a clip art thing in Word. Since that would suck, I'm hoping one of you can help by making something simple that's kind of unique. If interested, PM me with your...
  2. joesarge

    NT I need about 10 seconds of your time

    Can you click this video to help me win a contest for class? The group with the most views wins. It's only 10 seconds long, it's corny, and we ripped off the Miller High Life ad...BUT it would really help me out. Thanks. Edit: Contest is a wrap. We did great thanks to you guys.
  3. joesarge

    Need a Black barber in Indy

    I'm in Bloomington, and my barber left town for spring break. I have a company visit tomorrow, so I'm kinda desperate. If you have a good barber inIndy, please let me know so I can head up there this morning/afternoon. Thanks.
  4. joesarge

    Oh Em day of my life so far.

    Just found out that I was admitted to the Johnson School today...the business school at Cornell University. Needless to say, I feel like new money right now. Iapplied to a few other schools, but having this in the bag makes things waaaaaaaaay less stressful. For the record, yes I have...
  5. joesarge

    Philly NTers...I'm looking for a summer sublet

    I was hired this week as an intern in Philadelphia. I am a masters student at the University of Kentucky so as you can imagine I don't have a spot in Philly just yet. I'm making this post to see if anyone has a spot for rent or some room to spare that I could pay for this summer. Any college...
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