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  1. frink85

    Instagram links not loading Windows 10/Firefox

    This was a problem before IIRC and it was fixed, but all of sudden reappeared a week or two ago for me. Instagram links/posts aren't loading correctly, they only show a white rectangle. The links work fine for me on mobile/iOS. I tried clearing the cookies/cache for NT, no dice. Windows...
  2. frink85

    How to unignore a thread?

    Somehow I ignored an entire thread that was in my “watched threads”, I have no idea what button or link I clicked on. How do I go about to unignore the thread so it appears normally again? Thanks.
  3. frink85

    Nike sweet classic help

    Hey all. I have some Nike sweet classic leather lows that I got at the outlets and wear as beaters. I want to clean them but have no idea what kind of leather they are or how to go about cleaning them properly. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. The leather is "grainy" so I don't want to scrub...
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