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  1. chewvenile

    NCAA Jersey Letters

    Looking for a online company that sells the Jersey letters that go on the back of the Nike Elite jerseys for college basketball, specificaly kentucky. ANY COMPANY BESIDES EASTERN LETTERING. Those guys are crooks and cheats, I have no clue how they stay in business.
  2. chewvenile


    Can someone shed some light on this piece for me? I bought this 5+ years ago after seeing one in a SB promotional mag. I searched for months before finally finding one on ebay. The belt strap it self reads Oregon, with leafy design and a portrait labeled "Mt Hood", and "Ocean Beaches".  The...
  3. chewvenile

    Kentucky Heads

    Everyone been sleeping. Who's got new pick ups?
  4. chewvenile

    Favorite 5 movies. Volume?

    Post your top 5 favorite movies. Mine in no particular order: 1. White men cant jump 2. Casino 3. Rounders 4. Seven 5. South Park
  5. chewvenile

    Louisville Kentucky Round 2. The Return

    Lets see if a new post will work for us. The last one was getting really long. Thats what she said.
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