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  1. uncalled4boy

    How Long Have You Been On NT?

    Either Actively Posting Or Lurking? I’m Sure Some Of Your Real SNs Or Other Accounts Have Been Jettisoned Along The Way. And I’m Starting To Realize That Some Of Us Might Have More Years Here Than Some Of Yall Have On Earth :lol: So About How Long Has It Been Since You’ve First Visited...
  2. uncalled4boy

    .Gif Request

    Can Someone Make A Gif Of This Opening Dance Clip From 0:03-:013...Want It As An Avi You Can Split It Into Two Parts If Its Too Long Too.
  3. uncalled4boy

    .Gif Request

    Can Someone Make A Gif Of This Opening Dance Clip From 0:03-:013...Want It As An Avi You Can Split It Into Two Parts If Its Too Long Too.
  4. uncalled4boy

    How Can I Make $75 Dollars Tonight By 10pm NT?

    All Suggestions Welcome. 
  5. uncalled4boy

    For The NTers Who Are Always Thinking Ahead And About The Future

    What Are Some Of Your Goals In 3 Years? 5 Years? 10 Years?
  6. uncalled4boy

    What Did You Want To Be Wen U Grew Up Vol. You Still Following Your Dreams?

    NT Wat Did You Want To Be Wen U Were A Kid Growing Up? Are You Close To/Still Trying To Pursue That Career?
  7. uncalled4boy

    How Do You Like Your Eggs? Fried Or Fertilized?

    Are These Dudes Serious
  8. uncalled4boy

    *Official Up & Coming Artist/Producer/Musician Thread*

     For All The Artists/Musicians/Producers On Here Both Commonly Known, And Less Common I Figured We Should Have One Official Thread Where You Can Display Some Of Your Material As Well As Get Feedback From Both Listeners And Other Artists Lets Try To Keep An Open Mind, Respect Everyones Craft...
  9. uncalled4boy

    Who Killed Captin Alex?

  10. uncalled4boy

    Rank Ur Top 3 Verses From The Maybach Music Trilogy

    1. Jay-Z (MM 1) 2. T.I. (MM 3) 3. Yeezy (MM2)
  11. uncalled4boy

    Anyone Else Computer Get A STD From NT

    I Think It Jus Burned My Laptop Anyone Else Had Problems On NT Wit Spyware?
  12. uncalled4boy

    Car Audio Folks I Gotta Question

    I Purchased Four Infinity Speakers (Kappa Series) Think Got 300 Watts Max Power 100RMH And I Got An Alpine CDA 9856 Head unit... Since I Put In The Back TwoSpeakers At Some Point The Sound Will Go Max Out And They Go Out I Checked All My Wiring Everything Looked Aight Headunit Seems To Be Fine...
  13. uncalled4boy

    Do You Smell What The Rock Is Cookin'?

  14. uncalled4boy

    My N Got Scarred Grills Skully Hats And Gats Be Fullys Brrrat

    cars peel, the East Coast cartel Rats get their tails snapped and trapped The snitches in the streets and the snitches who rap Pure euphoria, a dose of death to all of ya Coroner choruses sung from The Bridge to Astoria Dreams of fallin' in the elevator, passin' floors Suddenly stop, the doors...
  15. uncalled4boy

    NT Rate Your Driving Skills On A 1-10 Scale Vol. Whos Below A 6???

    I'd Say Im Prolly An 8 Or 8.5 Get Good Reviews, Been Told I Could Be A Chauffeur And That Wen Im Driving Its A Comfortable/Entertaining Ride Since I Have Good Convos And Music
  16. uncalled4boy

    NT What Kinda Cell Phone You Have? Vol. I Got A Nokia Wit Snake

    Got The Palm Pre
  17. uncalled4boy

    AAU Hoops Team Takeover (DC) vs. Team STAT (FL) Espn U Now

    Takeover Up 20 After The First Half Austin Rivers Actually Impressing Me
  18. uncalled4boy

    Florida NTers I Need Some Suggestions For Orlando Vol. Where Tha Party At Here?!?!?

    Im In Orlando For The Week On Vacation And Need To Know Some Things To Do Other Than The Obvious (Disney, Sea World, Etc.) Any Good Bars Or Clubs Near By? Nice Land Marks Or Tourist Locations To Go To?
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