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  1. onetwothreewick

    She the Wetest in the Building

    youtube took it down
  2. onetwothreewick

    Method Man feat. Sour Patch Kids - World Gone Sour

    he compared ODB to a piece of candy
  3. onetwothreewick

    NT, what is this and why is it outside my apartment? (don't come in if you don't like bugs)

    This is in Bangkok, Thailand for reference.
  4. onetwothreewick

    Reflection Eternal feat. Bun B - Strangers (Video)

    hi-tek everything they've put out so far has been cool..
  5. onetwothreewick

    Just a heads up: GucciMane = NEIGHBORH00D

    That is all
  6. onetwothreewick

    How I Met Your Mother Season 5 Premiere on CBS 8:00PM today!

    It's time to suit up. I love this show
  7. onetwothreewick

    Berkeley me out (greek theatre related)

    I'm going to the John Legend concert on sunday and I'm wondering is it worth it to drive there (i'm in fremont) or should I just take bart andwalk? Main concern is coming back to the station at night, how safe is it? If I was gonna drive, where can I park that is cheap and isn't a long way...
  8. onetwothreewick

    What movie is this gif from?

    I've never seen anyone answer this.
  9. onetwothreewick

    New DJ Honda & Mos Def "Magnetic Arts" drops tomorrow

    Not expecting anything as good as Travellin man but should be good nonetheless...happy to see these two collaborating again.
  10. onetwothreewick

    Zion I - Coastin' (Feat. K. Flay) Official Video

    Zion I "Coastin'" feat. K. Flay from Okayplayer onVimeo. such a chill song
  11. onetwothreewick

    This is street radio for unsung hero, ridin' in the regal, tryin' to stay legal...

    I don't care if you think this dude fell off or if you thought finding forever was soft... this song is just
  12. onetwothreewick

    Best brand of boxer briefs?

    Let's hear it.
  13. onetwothreewick

    Car sun shades...

    I don't know if I have some kind of curse but the ones I always get from like target tear or break within a month of using them and usually don't fitwell. Are there any brands that can actually last and where would I find them? I figure an expensive one that would last will save me more money...
  14. onetwothreewick

    Getting an 06-08 Honda Civic - EX or SI?

    Just got a few questions as i'm looking around at used cars right now: What does the SI offer that the EX doesn't? I'm guessing its just performance related things like an upgraded engine and better suspension. Would an SI be more likely to get stolen or have idiots in ricers drive up...
  15. onetwothreewick


    wrong forum
  16. onetwothreewick

    New Ghostface interview about his R&B album
  17. onetwothreewick

    AZ - Legendary out now!

    01. Da Truth 02. Before It's All Said & Done 03. Livin' the Life 04. Boy Meets Girl (featuring Sheek Louch) 05. Bottom Line 06. Refuse 2 Die 07. Dreams Come True 08. Good for Nothing 09. Supply & Demand 10. Money Makes the World Go Round 11. What Up (featuring Sheek Louch & Hell Rell) 12. Poll...
  18. onetwothreewick

    T.I. Feat B.o.B., Kanye West - On Top Of The World

    Just came out and is supposedly on the re-release of Paper Trail. Looks like I was right about Kanye's verse on Kinda Like A Big Deal being taken from this song, it's exactly the same.
  19. onetwothreewick

    Kanye: "There is zero auto-tune on BP3"
  20. onetwothreewick

    Is there an instrumental for "We Run L.A."?

    I like the vibe of this song but I don't really care for ya boy Anyone have it? Or a version without him on it? I'm talking about this song:
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