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  1. los benjaminz

    Help me out with this question for the science and chemist people.

    Explain why atomic number of some elements is not integer numbers while atomic number is number of protons plus number of neutrons. Idk what to put for this, so confused
  2. los benjaminz

    Ebay Listing Help

    I barely sell anythin on ebay, now I kno why. How in the world do you post images in your listing? I tried the HTML link on photobucket and [img [/img] and still nothing show's up. This can't be this hard, is their a secret way to post images or did they disable posting images from other sites?
  3. los benjaminz

    My dude LeBron got horn's on his head. Vol: Hairline jokes never get old on NT

    ^ Must be all the stress pics from NBA casual wear thread
  4. los benjaminz

    NBA Elite 11 looks actually impressive Vol. 2k Step Up

    Watching that video make's me want to play it. Hopefully it lives up to the hype. I always thought Live had better looking presentation and arena graphics than 2k. It looks like next year basketball game series is gonna be good with Elite and MJ on the cover of 2k.
  5. los benjaminz

    What the hell are these marks on my skin? Vol. Stretch Marks

    So I've been lifting weights for like a month. This is my first time hitting the gym, I'm tryin to get bigger and gain weight , but I'm starting to see this marks around my armpit on my left side. They are just two lines kind of red, but they look . Are they stretch marks? How do I get rid of...
  6. los benjaminz

    How long those it take for you to start seeing results from lifting weights?

    Yes I kno theirs an official fitness thread but, I'm trying to get bigger I'm tired of people telling me that I'm skinny, I've been skinny all my life. I recently started lifting weights and finally joined the gym. My goal is to gain about 20 to 30 pounds. This is what I'm going to start...
  7. los benjaminz

    Gas Stations taking forever to take their money out your card Unapreciation. Vol. Overdraft

    I swear I pumped gas Wednesday night and they still haven't taking their money yet I'm like @*%! Why is that? I always like to check my account on my phone so I can see how much money I have so I don't overdraft my *@+@. I never carry cash with me I use my check card for everything I buy.
  8. los benjaminz

    Would u guys wear any of these jacket's?

    I'm looking for a new light jacket, any suggestion's?
  9. los benjaminz

    Help with car audio !

    I just got a 4 channel amp to power my rear and deck alpine speakers. But my amp kit didn't come with RCA cables, how many rca cables do I need to power myamp? I'm confused do I just need one set of rca cable's?
  10. los benjaminz

    Damn Niketalk Vol. Not another girl thread

    why is it so hard to find a good girl this days? after tryin to hook up with this girl I love, again and getting played again and hurting my feeling again I just feel like given up, man I don't think ill find a girl I would love like her again Maybe I should stop lookin or maybe im too young...
  11. los benjaminz

    Living in the suburbs FTL vol. I miss NYC

    Man I've never been this bored in my life. Barely anything to do sumtimes. U got to drive everywhere, u cant just chill. U can only drink and smoke somuch, everything gets old. Maybe I need more hobbies ur sumthing.
  12. los benjaminz

    So what's the best major/degree to get for job outlook and money?

    Currently I'm attending a community college and trying to transfer to get a bachelor's degree. I'm still not sure what I want to do. I was thinking of doing something with business and marketing. Is that any good? whats the best thing to major in for job outlook? since niketalk be ballin with...
  13. los benjaminz

    Are these frame's straight?

    I want to cop some new eyeglasses so I can wear when I'm not wearing my contacts. I'm thinking of getting this one's: or this I'm thinking of getting the Versace's one's. Anybody kno If I can get the lences at lenscrafter and get them put in right?
  14. los benjaminz

    Still having feelings for ur ex Unappreciation

    I met this girl over the summer and I went crazy ova her lolz idk what happen but I never actually catch feelings with girls I hook up with like it wasn't like I had a crush on her or had feelings for her since the beginning I just met her and got her number ive seen this chick like 4 times...
  15. los benjaminz

    Niketalk I just got jumped

    I was chillen outside my friends house in my car with him. and he said that one kid we knew from high school was going to come pick something up from him when they come and park behind my car so my friend goes inside his house to get the thing he owes him this kid that i havent seen since high...
  16. los benjaminz

    I'm addicted to this game. The key is to hit the yellow duck. Can u beat my score? lol
  17. los benjaminz

    So every new Retro Jay is going to come in a pack?

    wth? How many, truly normal people no sneakerhead or no hypebeast can afford $300 + for some sneakers or give out that much money for shoes? Is that what they meant with its going to be harder to get retro's? No wonder more and more kids buying fakes this day's. u think they goin to spend $300...
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