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  1. Bonafide

    MJ and Barkley in 2pac music video :lol

  2. Bonafide

    Whats with everybody thinking early releases are fakes?

    For example, when stores had the Toro 4s early alot of people were telling me they were fake. They were claiming the early release pairs are totally different from the pairs we receive on release date. Honestly by looking at the shoe and product tag i can tell if they are legit. But where did...
  3. Bonafide

    Have any of you ever bought anything from kixclusive?

    Just wondering. Because their prices are horrible and they still manage to sell and buy kicks from people. Do they have a celebrity filled clientele or something?
  4. Bonafide

    The year is 2050, what doesn't exist anymore and why?

    Stole this from Reddit. Lets see where NT's head is at.
  5. Bonafide

    LC on Nike SB Unkle

    Price check also if possible
  6. Bonafide

    Rocket fans: Goran Dragic of Kyle Lowry?

    Dragic has had a breakout season and proved he can be a starter. Lowry also started the season off hot, then got injured. Who do you guys prefer to move foward with?
  7. Bonafide

    Happy Birthday Tracy McGrady

    He turned 33 today
  8. Bonafide

    Lets say that birthmarks are left over from where you were killed in your past life. How did you die

    I might have been eaten by a wild animal. Got weird mark on my midsection.
  9. Bonafide

    Your username is now your real name. How will this affect your life?

    Not sure how far I'd get telling people my name is bonafide125.
  10. Bonafide

    Behind the Mask

  11. Bonafide

    Mozgov can dunk

  12. Bonafide

    Aug 3 - CNN: Comet Elenin Catastrophe 11/9/11

  13. Bonafide

    How to instantly cool down your car

    You can instantly cool down a car that has been sitting under the sun by rolling down the window on one side and opening and closing the door on the other side 5-6x. Watch the vid starting at 0:35 , don't know how to embed.
  14. Bonafide

    Rihanna allowing fans to feel up on her

  15. Bonafide

    Giant Crocodile

    Have you guys seen this? %@++ is HUGE!! This might be vid of the same one. Not confirmed yet, though.
  16. Bonafide

    If the extinction event 65 mill years ago never happened, would dinosaurs be the dominant species?

    Do you think their intelligence would have at some point reached that of ours?
  17. Bonafide

    Wisconsin Man eats 25,000th Big Mac

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