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  1. dead stokc

    Acura NSX Official Teaser

    Basically the same car we've seen over the past 2 yrs 2015-16 is going to be great years for enthusiasts.
  2. dead stokc

    DS Red Nike Supreme AF1

    Deadstock Red Hi's 10.5 Looking to trade these for Supreme Hi's for a pair of New Balances in DS or VVNDS condition. Shoes in particular I'm looking for include: Steel Blue 999 WestNYC Alpine 580 Chosen Few 1500 998DB Nicekicks 1500 Salmon sole 1300 Tassie Devil 998 + cash Provider 1500 + cash
  3. dead stokc

    Jaguar C-X75... The Best Jag Never Built

    Wouldnt mind seeing this go into production at a reasonable price, but I dont see it contending with most of the other brands.
  4. dead stokc

    YouTube Views = Album Sales Vol. It Just Got Real

    The weakest artist now has a better chance of being Pimp Juice. If they could track/include DL's that would be a real problem.
  5. dead stokc


    Yall know the rules...
  6. dead stokc

    Is The GT-R The Best Bang For Your Buck Vol. Supercar For The Low

    I never been too much of a fan of the GT-R, but I cant deny its presence. After watching a few vids & reading up on them, it seems like a lot of cars in there class, and even some supercars w/ or w/o mods have a hard time keeping up or beating it. If u had 60-80k to drop on a whip, given it is...
  7. dead stokc

    How Do You Value Self Worth?

    How do u measure a persons worth or what exactly do u feel is more important in life? Some people feel as if how much money a person has or made measures what they're worth. Even on here there has been a lot of "alpha" talk lately, so men being measure by how many women they've been with. U...
  8. dead stokc

    NT, School Me On Water Bottles Vol. Dirtylicious Water

    Before I drop the $50 on this bottle I wanna kno if there is a cheaper or better alternatives? Katadyn Water Purifier
  9. dead stokc

    -_- Smack DVD Appreciation -_-

    Before youtube & WSHH and basically the internet took over rap, all we had was Smack to rely on for interviews, viral videos, and battles etc. Every other month _'s were itching. Joints were like the gospel. Can't forget the god PUNCH!!
  10. dead stokc

    Jeep Wrangler x Black Ops

    One word, DUTTY! This has to be the perfect whip for NYC summers & winters. Too much for a broke dude, and throw away change for a baller.
  11. dead stokc

    Pusha T

    Ye is givin Push major exposure right now. I think he will help him grow more as an artist, but I just hope he doesnt switch it up too much. Was choppin it up wit my mans about this last night and he was sayin, what else would dudes want to hear from Push, and I was sayin he spits real life...
  12. dead stokc

    Gangster Paradise: Jerusalema

    Anybody seen this? Reviews, opinions? Im about to grab it. Thinking it might be on par with City Of God (hopefully).
  13. dead stokc

    -_- Gemstones - On The Road To Glory My Story Mixtape -_-

    eight O
  14. dead stokc

    -_- Used Car Shopping Advice -_-

    I kno theres dumb car threads, but I figure we could all use some insight on purchasing used vehicles. For instance Im looking at a car, no M3, and the price & miles are too good to be true. Come to find out it has a rebuilt/revived title. Front bumper & headlights were changed out. Would any...
  15. dead stokc

    -_- What Happened To This Guy? Vol. Pre-Purple Haze Cam Appreciation -_-

    This _ used to be straight disgusting, before he got computers putin and the such. Discuss
  16. dead stokc

    -_- Weezy's Last "Post Worthy" Verse -_-

    Jupiter Fatuga GodonSON This is how ur mans is supposed spit. Discuss
  17. dead stokc

    -_- Lloyd Bank$ - S.O.D. video -_-

    2 years old, but this was my fave track off the PLK tape. Too hard
  18. dead stokc

    -_- The Best Debut of 2009 -_-

    Kid Cudi did his thing, and I am one of few who thinks Wale's album was a good debut as well, but this album had to be the best debut of an artist last year, and might even be up there with AOTY material. [/spoiler] Discuss.
  19. dead stokc

    -_- GDOAT Mobb Deep Appreciation -_-

    Yall gotta give respect due to the best duo of all time. CLASSIC! No argument... Solid follow up. These 2 weren't afraid of Pac, and like the only ones to answer back to him. The whole album is damn near an onslaught towards him from the title Hell On Earth They knew he didnt want no war...
  20. dead stokc

    French Montanas BMF > Ricky Rozay's BMF

    Never thought I'd say this, but neither are lyrical genius'. Just like the way Frenchington flowed on it & subject matter.
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