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  1. chetterbear01

    Review Request: Jordan CP.III

    What's up ya'll, looking for a new shoe. I play PG, so I figure the best PG's shoes might be good lol
  2. chetterbear01

    NY Spots

    What's up New York, I'm gonna be in New York for the summer and I need to know where the best clothing and shoe spots are. I'm living in Queens and working in Manhatten, so preferrably there for more regular shopping, but I want to visit other boroughs too, I got an unlimitedmetro card lol.
  3. chetterbear01


    anyone try these out yet?
  4. chetterbear01

    Review Request: Jordan CP3

    what's up NT. I really wanna cop a new pair of kicks for hoops and CP3 is my favorite player and I really like the hornets colorway of his shoe, butI'm considering the Kobe's, LeBron's and the Zoom BB 2's as well, so I was wondering if someone could review the CP3. Thanks.
  5. chetterbear01

    Kobe 2 question

    Hey NT I want to get a pair of these for hoops and I was wondering if anyone experienced the achilles problem with the lakers colorway or the all white or if it was just the black/maize. I saw them at niketown and it looked like the bootie comes up a little higher in the lakers one as opposed to...
  6. chetterbear01

    San Francisco must visits?

    Hey NT. I'm gonna be in SF next month and I did read the "Coming to SF?" thread, but I don't have a whole lot of time to shop, maybe like a day, and SF has sooooo many places and I haven't looked at how close or far apart they are, so my question is, if I had one day to see the best of the best...
  7. chetterbear01


    hey what's good NT. I've been trying to find some UNDFTD gear but I live in MI and I've been looking for a place to cop. anyone know of any stores? I heard St. Alfred's in Chi carries, but I was looking for someplace a little closer, or even a website. any help would be great, thanks. I've got...
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