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  1. zoomkobe14

    Pokemon X and Y friend codes

    What up NT call me childish or lame but this games def been enjoyable for me, just wanted to see if any other NT members play and down for a a battle sometime... My friend code is 3582 9720 5839 I got psychic type in my Safari too... Just leave your friend codes and I'll add you tonight!
  2. zoomkobe14

    NT dog owners need your help!

    What's up NT, I'm doing a project for a statistics class and I've decided to see how people buy dogs and for how long they've had them, also the breed. Now I know their are many ways to obtain a furry friend and to help the cause I would appreciate if you can reply with a short answer. For...
  3. zoomkobe14

    Blake Griffin "Earthquake" 2011 Hyperdunks

    What's up NT up for sale is a pair of Blake Griffin Hyper Dunk 2011 size 10.5 in great condition. One scuff on swoosh you can see on pics. Soles are good just one gum I couldn't get rid of but should come off with a little time. I'm asking 125 but please send the offers in I will listen too all...
  4. zoomkobe14

    Thread revival: Fools Wildin Thinking they doin it big

    One of my favorite threads of all time from the old NT, I think its due for a revival! Some of my favorites
  5. zoomkobe14

    Nike Basketball 2011 earnings question

    Hey NT I'm doing and informative speech on Nike Basketball and how it has come to dominate the market, however I lack one more crucial part. Out of the 50 billion that Nike is worth does anyone know what percentage is from Nike Basketball? Or how much Nike Basketball fares VS Adidas in terms of...
  6. zoomkobe14

    Pacific Monarch prizes a scam?

    So I got a call from this company telling me I won a prize from when I entered one of those mall raffles for a car. I quickly go on google to verify these guys. I find out they are a timeshare company so I ask dude if I have to buy anything. He goes on to tell me I do not have to buy anything to...
  7. zoomkobe14

    Gucci Mane X V-Nasty

    How did this come about? Supposedly dropping next month... 1. Whip Appeal  (Feat. P2theLA) 2. Loaded (Feat. Mistah F.A.B.) 3. Let’s Get Faded 4. White Girl 5. Push Ups (Feat. Slim Dunkin) 6. Food Plug (Feat. Berner) 7. Out My Circle 8. Hate Me Some More 9. Millions Every Month 10. Fill My Shoes...
  8. zoomkobe14

    Silky Johnson Appreciation Thread

    The man knows how to hate "Well, well, well! the most diabolical haters this side of the Mississippi. Buc Nasty, what can I say about that suit that hasn't already been said about Afganistan? It looks bombed out and depleted. And of course the so-called "Beautiful." Why don't you click your...
  9. zoomkobe14

    Xbox Live Connection help!

    I live in a college dorm, and XBOX 360 Live doesn't work.. My college requires us to enter our user name and password every time we connect... Does anyone know a way around it?
  10. zoomkobe14

    Yo NT follow Karmaloop cretor for chance at $1000GC

    Just saw this he needs like 150 followers by midnight and he'll drop that code...!/Selkoe its @ selkoe
  11. zoomkobe14

    Freestyle Motocross Progression...

    With the X Games going on this weekend, I came to think that what these riders are doing today was at one point thought to be impossible. Not to long ago,(1998-2003) the backflip was considered the holy grail of FMX and now its a basic FMX move. I was watching old clips and came across the 2002...
  12. zoomkobe14

    Dorm selection help

    Hey NT next week I'm going to select dorm for college I'm going to be online early to try and get a good area what do you guys suggest as in location, the building is 4 or 5 floors. What floor would be best and a room towerds which end would be best? Thanks NT
  13. zoomkobe14

    Zoom air bag popping

    So my zoom air bag in my Kobe VI's popped, is their anything I can do to fix this? Either by getting new insoles or returning? Advice please.
  14. zoomkobe14

    Sitting behind big people on bus unappreciation With pics*

    As the title reads. 3 hours to destination FML...
  15. zoomkobe14

    Gradnight TONIGHT who's going? Edit Came and gone! *Pic

    Yo NT seniors whos heading to gradnight tomorrow? All night at Disney Land
  16. zoomkobe14

    L/P Check on Huarache 2k5 ?MPLS?

    So these are being sold by FOOTAGE By THECOOLSHOESHINE Legit and price check please.
  17. zoomkobe14

    Yo NT remember Southpole?

    You guys ever rock that SP? Just bringing this up because I found an old sweater in the back of the closet. Back a few years this stuff was everywhere! Never got into the shirts or denim cause *@$& was everywhere. Appreciation to the simple sweatshirts though kept me warm in the winter...
  18. zoomkobe14

    Shipping from Spain help.

    Okay so my friend will be sending over some shoes from Spain just wondering if anyone knows what Spain's postal service is called and how much they charge. I would ask my friend but he's a slow replier to emails. I tried Google and got crazy shipping over boat sites. Thanks NT.
  19. zoomkobe14

    Yo NT I made my decision on college, can I get some tips?

    So I'm gonna be going to CSU Northridge in the fall and just wanted to see I any NT'ers are currently there or will going there. And also just any tips for college, I know their was a thread about this but I can't seem to find it( I'm on mobile my computer is off getting fixed). Thanks NT fam in...
  20. zoomkobe14

    ChaCha answers guide?

    Yo NT any of you guides on ChaCha answers? and if you are how much money you making a week/month? I started last night and been online for maybe two hours or less and have 8 bucks racked up.
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