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  1. jayznyayallday

    Atlantic City, NJ for a Couple days...what to do? Vol. just turned 21

    What up NT fam, Pretty much im going w the fam to Atlantic City and I just turned 21 a couple months ago.  What's there to do? best casinos, spots to eat, etc? Any help/ advice would be appreciated? And what are the chances I come back with more money than i arrive with?  thanks
  2. jayznyayallday

    Question:Can you get fired for...

    so let me just cliffnote it for you guys: 1) I NEED off sunday for something 2)I call my manager (who's usually chill about stuff) and tell him that I have an interview for an intership for a firm on Sunday at 7PM (Best i could come up with on the spot) 3) he gets suspicious, asks me if i...
  3. jayznyayallday


    Sup NT, Well pretty much for Christmas i'm ttrying to get my girl and I some John Mayer tickets at Verizon Center. The show is on 2/20/10 so I didn'tthink about buying them earlier than right now but all that is left are the higher seats. Granted, it's a decent high seat but still. So my...
  4. jayznyayallday


    Off TM103, this album can't come soonenough... Wayne rips this
  5. jayznyayallday

    Is it me or....

    are those Estrada glasses from that BK commercial kinda serious?? I'm just saying I'd give them a shot since my last name is Estrada. Plus if they saidsomething like "Gucci" or "LV" Ninjas would be all on them..
  6. jayznyayallday

    Ring Question: Too Much?

    So my lady and I been hittin it off for a year this coming 20th and I'm tryin to hook it up w/ something nice. I got her a necklace already so that'sout of the question and I can't find any bracelets I'd wanna get her. So I'm askin: Is a ring too much? I mean I know she won't think I'mdoin too...
  7. jayznyayallday


    basically i gotta head up to Boston for a wedding and I'll be staying for the weekend. any of you guys care to tell me any attractions over there? shops,restaurants, etc. thanks
  8. jayznyayallday

    Your Boys STEALING Your Stuff Unappreciation Vol. Stealth

    So my boy that I've known since 2nd grade (We're now 19) has been staying at my house for the last 2 weeks because of some family problems he'sbeen dealing with. I'd consider him my best friend because bro's always been my right hand man and sh*t. So anyways, I get back from balling yesterday...
  9. jayznyayallday

    Dear USA, why do you tax us so much?

    Alright, well let me start off by saying I'm definitely not an expert about the economy and how and why everything works, but I started wondering: Why in the hell do we get basically robbed by the American government and do nothing about it? I mean just looking at two taxes, you can see how...
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