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  1. thefwordsguy

    2016 NT Sneaker Challenge... Who is with me?

    Sup papis, Thinking about starting a #2016ntsneakerchallenge on Instagram. We all probably own 40+ sneakers, but only wear a select few, for reasons unbeknownst to us. Let's change that up! Let's rock our sneakers! Challenge: When you can, rock a different pair of sneakers everyday. So if...
  2. thefwordsguy

    [HELP] Help a Friend in Need! [HELP]

    Hey everyone, Last night, a friend of mine, Theresa, literally lost everything. Her house burned down last night and her dog didn't survive. I'm reaching out to you because she's in need of a contribution, whether financially, with food, or by sharing her go fund me link. Whatever you do, I...
  3. thefwordsguy

    Recommend me ways to play my MP3 player in my car!

    Sup bros, Any recommendations on how to play my mp3 player through my car speakers? So far, I've only used a tape deck, but that crapped out in a little over a year. I've heard of FM transmitters, but I also hear those don't have the best quality... Any info would be appreciated, thank you.
  4. thefwordsguy

    Thumbs Up, no Thumbs Down. Explain!

    Mods/Admins, Why is there a Thumbs Up Feature, but no Thumbs Down. Just defeats the purpose of a rep system if there is nothing to counterbalance it. Yes people deserve a thumbs up if their post is helpful, funny, or whatever the case may be. But what do users get for trolling or useless/false...
  5. thefwordsguy

    Websites That Post Houses/Apartments For Rent? Vol. Moving Out

    Sup NT Fam, Was wondering if you guys could steer me towards websites that post houses/apartments for rent. I've only used Craigslist, and I feel it is somewhat limited. Thanks in advance.
  6. thefwordsguy

    Shoulder Dislocation Vol. Dwayne Wade

    I always dogged Wade after he dislocated his shoulder for crying and being carted off the court in a wheelchair, but after dislocating my shoulder last night......that ish was real folks.... :x That is all.
  7. thefwordsguy

    Woman falsely accuses man of rape Vol. Signed by the ATL Falcons!

    Thursday, May 24, 2012 Brian Banks' rape conviction vacated Associated Press LONG BEACH, Calif. -- A former high school football star whose dreams of a pro career were shattered by a rape conviction burst into tears Thursday as a judge threw out the charge that sent him to prison for more than...
  8. thefwordsguy

    Melanie Iglesias Aka Flip Book Girl, trys to serve up Kate Uptons Cat Daddy

    This is new and exciting.
  9. thefwordsguy

    Baltimore, Maryland VOL. Weekend trip

    Sup y'all, Planning to hit up Baltimore for a weekend getaway.  Could you guys point me to nice tourist areas (good food, shopping, entertainment, etc). I am a bit naive about the area, and all I basically know about Baltimore is from The Wire () Appreciate it!
  10. thefwordsguy

    HDB to me! Vol. 25

  11. thefwordsguy

    The Official Mass Effect 3 Thread! Vol. 3/6/2012

    The time is almost here for GOTY 2012!!
  12. thefwordsguy

    NT $$$ Gurus, Help Me To Stop Spending! Vol. Money-Saving Tactics

    Sup all, I'm sure some of you have this problem of spending(luxuries, not necessities) too much month to month.  I work a 9-5 M-F. I live with my folks (I give them a cut of each of my paychecks). I pay car payments, insurance, cellphone...etc. I also take a sum of my paycheck and stash it...
  13. thefwordsguy

    Biggest D-Bag in the NFL? Vol. Finnegan

    I always knew this guy was an $!#, but after watching this Sound FX...I can see why Andre put the beat down on this dude. Finnegan Don't know how to embed from
  14. thefwordsguy

    NFL Authentic Jerseys Vol. Reebok

    NT Fam, Where can I buy size 46 in Authentic NFL jerseys? I been looking everywhere and can't find any retailers that carry that size. Please Respond.
  15. thefwordsguy

    East Coast NTers...First an Earthquake, now a Hurricane? Vol. Irene

    I'm are you guys preparing? 125+mph wind speeds torrential rain Hide yo cars Hide yo houses Trees be fallin' on everything....
  16. thefwordsguy

    **Who here grinds their teeth at night??**

    Sup NT, Woke up this morning with a splitting headache and my jaw hurts like I got punched by Mike Tyson last night. Now I've been known to grind my teeth at night since I was little, and to my stupidity, haven't really invested in a mouthguard to protect my teeth at night.   Does anyone grind...
  17. thefwordsguy

    Convince me to purchase a new camera! VOL. Newbie

    Sup NT family, As I am slowly transitioning to be a fully independent adult (graduated a year ago, still live with my folks though)...I am making it my duty to travel the world. I am by no means a photographer, or do I have any skills in regards to that field, but I would love to take pictures...
  18. thefwordsguy

    What Boxer-Briefs/Trunks Are You Rocking? VOL. LetsKeepitClean

    Men of NT, I'm looking for the perfect pair of boxer-briefs/trunks (the shorter version of the boxer-brief), as I have made the transition from boxers...personal preference really.   I have several pairs, but I find that the legs bunch up towards the end of the day, making them uncomfortable...
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